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Time pool

Each employee has their own individually defined working hours, which determines their monthly pool. This will give you an overview of the hours worked with respect to rest days and approved absences.

  • Employees' individual working time

  • Definition of working time for each day of the year

  • Definition of working time for each day of the week

  • Calculation of the working time pool


Absence requests

Employees enter their absence requests via the clear team calendar, where they can also see the absences of their colleagues. Sloneek monitors the available balances and does not allow overdrafts.

  • An overview of each employee's balances

  • Monitoring the available absence pool

  • Team calendar

  • Monthly reports by email


Approval workflow

Events that are subject to manager approval are approved in a clear team calendar, where each event can also be commented on and a file attached as an attachment. This eliminates emailing and confusion.

  • Approval by one or more supervisors

  • Overview in the team calendar

  • Backup approval by administrator

  • Weekly management reports by email

  • Event detail with chat and attachments


Flexible reports

All important statistics are easily accessible in fully configurable reports. In them you can define custom views, create contingency tables and export data to Excel.

  • Monthly working time pool

  • Summary of absenteeism usage and balances

  • Summary of absenteeism drawdown events

  • Reports integrated with attendance and time tracking


Individual settings

Absences can be configured so that their availability and drawdown options exactly match your company's policy and legislative environment.

  • Funds available for use

  • Approval settings

  • Custom dials

  • Drawdown units

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Mobile absence management

Employees can submit leave requests purely through the mobile app. And managers can approve those as well. Simply, on mobile.

  • Overview of available leave

    Employees have an overview of their leave usage.

  • Leave requests

    Send requests to supervisors for approval.

  • Approval

    Managers approve absences in the team calendar.

  • Reports

    Absenteeism and time worked in one place.

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All users
  • Dashboard of absences and working hours
  • Preview of absence balances (vacation, sick day, etc.)
  • Preview of scheduled absence events in the calendar
  • Insert absence events via web and mobile calendar
  • Insert notes on events
  • Insert comments and likes on events within the absence event detail
  • Tagging specific users in a comment, they will then receive a notification
  • Inserting attachments to events
  • Mobile, in-app and email notifications of event approval by a supervisor
  • All event reports and absence summary reports
  • Time Sheet Calendar report to view the time pool and time worked
  • Calendar preview of scheduled subordinate absence events
  • Approval of subordinate absences via notifications, dashboard, calendar
  • Approval via dedicated screen with event filtering
  • Quick one-click approval of all pending events
  • Comments on your subordinates’ events
  • Preview your subordinates’ reports with export to Excel
  • Configuration of available events in the form of dials
  • Creation of absence and working time event dials
  • Pre-defined templates for the most common types of absences
  • Definition of custom language translations of event names
  • Configuration of working hours for all users
  • Enabling selected events to be taken by selected users
  • Setting balances and individual funds for all users
  • Quick bulk setup of balances, funds and drawdown permissions
  • Generate reports of all drawn events
  • Generation of balance reports and absence drawdown summary reports
  • Generate calendar time report
  • Generate Time and Attendance Report
  • Export reports to CSV, XML, XLS