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Creating and managing task lists

Simply create your own to-do lists and assign responsible colleagues to them. These are perfect for automating onboarding or offboarding. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity.

  • Possibility to insert attachments and links
  • Assigning tasks to specific users
  • Use across business processes
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Simple management and overview

Manage task lists in kanban, list and calendar views by dragging & dropping tasks through specific stages of the process. Tasks can be annotated, files can be attached and their completion status can be marked.

  • Kanban & calendar
  • Comments and attachments
  • Notification

Functionality detail by user roles

  • Setting whether checklists are created only by administrators or by all
  • Creating checklists
  • Running checklists
  • Manage, edit and delete checklists
  • Preview of audit log checklists
Team managers
  • Preview of subordinates’ tasks and their performance
  • Preview of my tasks
  • Moving a task to the next state
  • Task completion
  • Creating and running a checklist (if enabled for all)
  • Inserting an attachment (file) into the checklist
  • Receive notifications – the user is assigned a task
  • Receiving notifications – another user has completed my task
  • Receive notifications – my checklist is complete

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