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Automate onboarding, training and other common HR processes. Those are task reports that contain their complete assignments and the users who are supposed to perform them. The moment you need to run a process workflow, just select the target user and run the checklist for them.


Creating a checklist

The HR manager creates a checklist with the complete task assignments and the specific people who will perform the tasks. It will also add tasks for a user who is not yet known, for example, because he or she is just joining the company. This will be determined when the checklist is started.

  • Detailed task assignments

  • Setting up authorised users

  • Attachment files and web links


Starting the checklist

To set a checklist in motion, you select the user who will be affected by the checklist - for example, who will be joining the company next week - and run the checklist. Everyone who has tasks assigned will receive notifications with links to the tasks. And there you go :-)

  • Master user settings

  • Automatic task distribution

  • Delegated users get a notification


Task completion check

HR managers have a complete overview of all checklists and their completion status in several handy views - list, calendar and kanban. Tasks can be annotated, files can be attached and their completion status can be marked.

  • Color-coded task statuses: TO BE COMPLETED, ONGOING, COMPLETED

  • Kanban and calendar view of tasks

  • Clear dashboard of running tasks

  • Task comments and attachments

  • Notification is sent when the entire checklist is completed

“A typical example of using checklists: an employee starts a worker position; you define in advance who will provide him with the tools, who will take his picture on a card and who will entrust him with the keys. The incoming employee will then be required to review and approve the pre-specified documents.”


  • Set whether checklists are created by administrators only or by all
  • Creation of checklists
  • Running checklists
  • Manage, edit and delete checklists
  • Preview the audit log of checklist
Team Managers
  • Preview subordinates’ tasks and their performance
  • Preview of my tasks
  • Moving a task to the next status
  • Task completion
  • Create and run a checklist (if enabled for all)
  • Inserting an attachment (file) into the checklist
  • Receive notifications – user is assigned a task
  • Receiving notifications – another user has completed my task
  • Receiving notifications – my checklist is complete