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Signing contracts

When you upload a contract document, you select users or people outside the company to sign the document. They will then all receive a notification prompting them to sign. Once signed by all parties, they will receive a signed copy of the document.

  • Digital signature of the PDF document
  • Convenient signing on a computer or tablet
  • Signed by users inside and outside the company
  • Outside people also verify the phone number during the signing process
  • All parties receive a signed copy of the document

“It works the same way as when you circulate a paper document for people to sign. Only without the paper and without the going around 😉


Company-wide documents

Documents that are binding on all employees - guidelines, codes, plans - can be saved so that everyone is asked to read them and acknowledge reading them. This includes new employees when they join in the future.

  • Repository of binding company documents
  • Assignment to the entire company or selected teams
  • Employees confirm reading of the document
  • New hires will also be asked to read the document
  • Employee downloads are also recorded
Private docs

Private documents

Rather than storing an employee's personal document on a computer disk, it is better to save it to a specific employee's personal folder. This way, all these documents can be found on the employee's tab with all the other personal information.

  • Employee private documents folder
  • Ideal for an employee's employment documents
  • Highly secure storage


Files are stored on secure storage within the EU so that they cannot be accessed without access credentials. All document operations are logged, with all application administrators having access to audit log entries.

  • Files are stored on encrypted storage
  • Hosted in Germany (EU)
  • Audit log of all actions associated with the document


All users
  • Access to company-wide documents
  • Access to personal documents
  • Document read confirmation
  • Signing a document within a signature workflow
  • Quick view of documents
  • Download accessible documents in PDF format
  • Hide module from selected users
  • Delegate the Document Manager role
  • Insert a public document accessible to the entire company
  • Insert a private document for a selected user
  • Sending a reminder of a document signature request
  • Preview of document signing status
  • Preview of users from whom a document signature is required
  • Setting up a signature workflow, setting up users from whom a signature is required
  • Enabling/disabling the insertion of signature workflows by all users
  • Document and workflow archiving
  • Deleting a document from the archive
  • Deleting a workflow from the archive
  • Enable digital signing of documents for the entire company
  • Preview audit logs of all documents and workflows