“Sloneek has made it easier and faster for us to organize our HR agenda. We have perfect records of absenteeism and attendance, and we have a library of employment documents in a detailed overview. I am very happy that we have control over the company assets that our people have at home. All sorted out in no time, with electronically signed handover reports. What our people appreciate is the visibility of who is working today and who is on vacation, in meetings, and when they may return. In addition to making the whole HR agenda clearer, Sloneek has clearly brought savings in time associated with maintaining and implementing the HR agenda. Everything is available immediately and in a few clicks. Even on mobile.“


“Sloneek helps us on a daily basis to keep our HR agenda in order. It simplifies the recording of time worked and provides clear reports on which we can process payroll and plan shifts.“

Cerny PAVEL MILAN ČERNÝ Founder and Tribal Chief | Econea

“With almost 200 people, we already have to have many things in HR digitized, otherwise they are unmanageable. Thanks to Sloneek, we have been able to make the entire basic HR administration as digital as possible, make it transparent and, above all, get it under control. We have also significantly reduced the amount of time our employees had to spend on the HR agenda. From cluttered spreadsheets with lots of errors, we have a fast and secure system.“

Yacoubova CHRISTINE YACOUBOVÁ HR manager | AGS 92