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“Finally we have all our documents in one online database! What I appreciate most about the app is that it is really user-friendly, the customer support is really exceptional, always fast and helpful. I am very pleased that most of the features are clear to me, and if not, there is a chat and a person ready to help!“

JZmitkova JITKA ZMÍTKOVÁ Head of HR | Loono

“The introduction of Sloneek into our company has helped us in several ways:

1. We have fulfilled the legal obligation to record working hours.

2. We are able to see and evaluate the attendance of employees in one system, including their absences.

3. We have achieved a uniform record of assigned work equipment.

4. Employees appreciate the organizational structure and basic data about their colleagues from other teams as well as the mobile version of the app.

From our position as HR managers on the Sloneek team, we always appreciate the fast, structured, and kind communication. Our insights, comments, and feedback on certain functionalities are always accepted by Sloneek as a challenge or suggestion for improvement. We have gotten along nicely with Sloneek and even though we sometimes complain, we like it 😊“

SRazova SILVIE RÁŽOVÁ HR director | Restrial

“Among other things, we really like that we have the option to use only the modules we want. We pay separately for each module, and that's a big advantage.“

MNemcova MICHAELA NĚMCOVÁ HR manager | Pharmservice