“I perceive Sloneeka as a huge benefit not only from the HR department, where thanks to the generation of monthly reports, we can process payroll documents faster and more efficiently. But it is also praised by employees, for whom it provides a simple and intuitive overview of leave and absences. Sloneek and its team are a great help with a professional approach.“

1643197361400 Michaela Jeřábková HR manager

“Sloneek has helped us to quickly bring clarity and order to the HR administration of our rapidly growing company. When we didn't know what to do, Sloneek's support team was quick and helpful. We also appreciate the constant improvement of the application to better and more flexibly respond to the demands of the very dynamic changes we are experiencing :) “

Rectangle 1 Josef Šachta CEO & co-founder
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“Easy to use, our staff love using it and it has great and fast support. Overall I am a happy admin and user.“

DanielBoda Daniel Boďa COO | Hyperia
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“I am happy with Sloneek, its implementation has had a major positive impact on my work as an HR manager. Our employees find Sloneek an intuitive and easy tool to use. We use Sloneek's 'on-call' and 'overtime' tracking feature in conjunction with other systems and although the integration with the API took some time, it now works really well and we are happy with the system.“

MKolarova MARKÉTA KOLÁŘOVÁ HR specialist | Showmax

“Sloneek has made it easier and faster for us to organize our HR agenda. We have perfect records of absenteeism and attendance, and we have a library of employment documents in a detailed overview. I am very happy that we have control over the company assets that our people have at home. All sorted out in no time, with electronically signed handover reports. What our people appreciate is the visibility of who is working today and who is on vacation, in meetings, and when they may return. In addition to making the whole HR agenda clearer, Sloneek has clearly brought savings in time associated with maintaining and implementing the HR agenda. Everything is available immediately and in a few clicks. Even on mobile.“


“We have been using the Sloneek app since 2017. In that time it has changed a lot, but in my opinion only for the better. We are a small company, so we are far from using all the features it offers, but its use is very user friendly, which I appreciate beyond measure. Above all, I cannot praise the attitude of the gentlemen behind it. They have always been extremely helpful to me, they are available at almost any time, they are kind and positive, no request is a problem, they always look for a solution, at the end of which is the satisfaction of all involved. I definitely cannot praise this cooperation.“

MLazanska MAGDA LAŽANSKÁ HR manažerka | ProTys