> 5 mil. hours

of time off registered by users every year

4.5 hours

is the average leave approval time

3 utilities

are the most common number per user

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“Finally we have all our documents in one online database! What I appreciate most about the app is that it is really user-friendly, the customer support is really exceptional, always fast and helpful. I am very pleased that most of the features are clear to me, and if not, there is a chat and a person ready to help!“

JZmitkova JITKA ZMÍTKOVÁ Head of HR | Loono

“Thanks to Sloneek, everyone has a real-time overview of colleagues' movements and plans. We can also plan joint meetings and events for the whole year ahead more efficiently. The system is also flexible enough to keep track of the work of interns and volunteers, without whom our activities cannot do without.“

PGomba PAVLA GOMBA Výkonná ředitelka | Český výbor pro UNICEF

“Sloneek has become part of the team. We can see who is doing what, when and we can easily work and plan with him.“

AKozak ALEŠ KOZÁK Director | Institute for Monuments and Culture

“Describing and assessing competencies is key for us, especially for targeted and meaningful training and development activities for our employees. Through the use of Sloneek we have a clear and above all digitized, sophisticated, and comprehensive assessment and data collection for a subsequent competency evaluation. This saves us a huge amount of time at all levels. From the rank-and-file employees to their managers, to the HR department where the data is handled. The consultancy expertise we received was also important in the implementation.“

Buncek MARTIN BUNČEK CEO | Technology Agency of the Czech Republic