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Individually adjustable stages of the recruitment process

The application provides you with an outline of the basic stages of the recruitment process. You can customise these according to your specific requirements.

Advertising processing

Processing of advertising for potential candidates

Create a profile of the ideal candidates for the positions you want. Thanks to the editor with custom visualization options, you define exactly how the ad should look, and so   will also be displayed.

Advertising portal

Publication positions on your career site

Thanks to the integration with your web environment, you can post positions directly from our application to your career site. You will also be able to easily share these positions on your favorite job portals.

Manage the entire recruitment process in one environment

Managing the recruitment process

Manage the entire journey of a potential candidate directly in the Sloneek app. During the selection process, you change the recruitment phases clearly or transfer competences to your colleagues. Plus, automating email templates save you work.

Advertising portal
Talent pool

Talent Database for a Worse Tomorrow

Retain interesting candidates for later use in the talent database. Can't find a suitable candidate and need to hire someone in a hurry who is not on the market at the moment? That’s the right time to explore the talent pool.

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