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🤖 ChatGPT artificial intelligence has arrived in HR.
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🤖 ChatGPT artificial intelligence has arrived in HR. Try it for free today!
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Get a solution tailored to your needs

With Sloneek you save not only money, but also a lot of paper. And most importantly: you’ll take your processes to a whole new level.

Without Sloneek

  • Poor oversight of your people
  • Inefficient, complex HR processes
  • You pay several narrow-profile tools
  • HR is overwhelmed by administration
  • Company and personal data in spreadsheets

With Sloneek🐘

  • All your human resources data clearly in one place
  • Automated processes
  • You get one comprehensive all-in-one solution
  • HR saves dozens of hours working with people
  • Important information securely stored in the system
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How does Sloneek make your life easier?

How does Sloneek make your life easier?

  • Automation of in-house processes
  • Clear visualization of reports
  • Work equipment management
  • Digital signature of documents
  • Summary of leave and absences
  • Digitisation of the paper agenda
  • High data security
  • Holding structure for hybrid teams
ROI calculator

Calculate the return on investment into an HR system

Guaranteed savings regardless of company size. Try our calculator and discuss the details of the calculation with our specialists.

  • Significant financial savings
  • Saving tens of hours on HR agenda
  • Paperless office
500 EUR 10.000 EUR
3.186 EUR yearly
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3 reasons to get an HR system

  • Save people time at work by automating processes
  • You make strategic decisions based on data
  • You foster a trusted work environment
  • Prevent employee turnover

Why did our customers choose Sloneek over the competition?

  • Simple and intuitive environment
  • Superior and proactive customer support
  • Fast system deployment and superior onboarding
  • Proven references with a 4.9 G2 rating

Interested in learning more about Sloneek?

Our experts Václav, Adam, Richard and Sebastian will be happy to introduce you to the Sloneek HR system and answer all your questions.

  • guide you through the features of the app
  • will answer all your questions
  • prepare a presentation and a tailor-made offer
  • provide top onboarding
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