Templates for onboarding future colleagues

There are already templates for onboarding waiting for you in the application. You can then create new ones yourself and edit existing ones to suit your needs and especially so that you don't forget anything when a new colleague joins.

Employee card
Employee folder

Records of personal and work data

Save all employment and personal information, important information about employment relationship, wages or hourly rates in your employee folder. In addition, you can add a new colleague to the organisational structure.

Work assets

Management of work equipment and company assets

Assign new colleagues the work assets needed to perform their jobs. For each tool, you keep photo documentation, information about the specific tool, and its entire history, including handover protocols. Users can sign these securely electronically.

onboarding documents

Records and electronic signing of documents

Avoid paper. In the Sloneek HR system you have all documents related to HR agenda on in one cloud storage. You can not only store handover reports, directives, work schedules, contracts and orders here , but and have them securely digitally signed.

Attendance and absence settings
Absence and attendance

Setting working hours and types of absences

You will set up the new colleague's working hours, the specific scope and types of absences to be taken and the approval process as soon as they start. All information will remain stored in the employee's card. Sloneek automatically works with them, and by saves you time.

  • Possibility of using attendance terminals

You get one HR system for the entire HR agenda

No more tools. Sloneek includes everything you need to manage the entire journey of employees and freelancers.

Without Sloneek

  • Dozens of uncluttered tables
  • Too many administrative tasks
  • Inefficient HR processes
  • Difficult to control employee needs
  • Robust and outdated HR solutions

With Sloneek🐘

  • Replace spreadsheets with a modern app
  • Save time for really important work
  • Speed up processes with a fine-tuned system
  • You get user-friendly and powerful reporting
  • You get a simple and modern solution in the cloud
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Verified Reviewer
Our experience with Sloneek We've been using the Absence module since January this year, our overall experience is very good. Sloneek team makes frequent updates/upgrades adding new features based on clients' inputs. Sloneek's customer service reacts promptly to our queries. ☺Sloneek is a very user friendly application. The data conversion went very smoothly and quickly. We were able to start using the Absence Module of Sloneek within few days. It is very intuitive, there was no need of training for the users. ☹Just a few features we find less practical, but overall no negative experience.
Petra K.
Useful software for small and middle size companies ☺I love the customer oriented approach of Sloneek team. The implementation of software is easy and support is extra friendly - anytime we need to improve or change anything, we always get fast and proactive answer. System is easy to use, no long trainigs for employees needed. Sloneek is my favourite supplier, I always feel as a client. ☹Few times we experienced small bugs... but they were always fixed fast.
Silvie R.
Sloneek is a modern HR system with a kind and reliable support team. Sloneek and us got along pretty nicely, and even though we sometimes get cofused and need to solve a problems that come along, we like it. ☺We can realistically see and evaluate the employee attendance, including their absences. We have achieved a uniform register of assigned work assets. Employees appreciate the organisational structure and basic data about their colleagues as well as the easy way to apply/approve absence time. ☹Once in a while, we come across bugs that get us confused.
Petra H.
Pros and cons of the system ☺We use Sloneek for tracking time off and other absences and it works perfectly for us. The application is online, intuitive and easy to use. Customer support is really fast. We are planning to implement additional modules soon. I would recommend this software to anyone looking for easy to implement and use software. ☹I find the software to provide us with all the features I would expect from such software so I dont see any cons of the software at the moment.
Jiri V.
User-friendly and easy to implement ☺It is super easy to implement with many special features that are "cool" add ons. The feature of administering vacations for all employees is amazing and helps to keep a track of what is going on with absences in the company. They offer great customer support ☹We miss implementation to Outlook and some of the features are hard to adjust to our needs as it is "one size fits all"
Lukas S.
Easy nad helpful Easy to use and quick problem solving. ☺Easy integration, users friendly, many features. Updates reacting to current company needs and problems. ☹When we start using Slonnek couple years ago there were frequent updates, so it was little bit confusing.
Jitka Z.
Review for Sloneek Finally we have all our document in one online database! ☺I personally do not have the experience with an integration into our processes but currently I appreciate the most about the software that it is really user friendly, support for customers is really extraordinary, always fast and helpful. I really enjoy that most of the features are clear to me and if not, there is a chat and person ready to help! ☹There is one small thing, I would appreciate if the capacity of the software for uploading new documents is bigger. (Documents with more pages cannot be uploaded and we have to make them smaller in another software which takes additional time.)
Michaela N.
Sloneek is a big help when it comes to HR management. Sloneek is fun. Being in HR, we always appreciate fast, structured and nice communication of Sloneek team. Our insights, comments and feedback on some functionalities are always accepted by Sloneek as a challenge or stimulus for improvement. Sloneek and us got along nicely, and even though we sometimes complain, we like it ☺We mostly appreciate the fact that this system puts together attendance, asset management and guidelines. Colleagues are able to see the org chart and other colleagues' contacts. System is user friendly and easy to navigate. ☹We like everything because we have the ability to use only the modules that we want. We pay for each module separately and that is a big advantage.
Useful for mid-size business Overall I am happy with Sloneek product and the customer service, they respond to our queries quickly and are very willing to help. They are able to tailor features to our company needs and personalise their service. ☺Our employees find Sloneek intuitive and simple to use. The video and screen shot instructions are helpful. We use the attendance and absence recording feature and reports, which are most impactful in my job as HR specialist. We use the "on call" and "overtime" tracking feature from Sloneek in conjunction with other systems and although it took a some time to integrate with API, it now works really well and we are pleased with the system. ☹When I set up a new absence - such as an offsite team building course I have to approve each person's absence from the office and attendance to the course individually rather than being able to create a group and apply features (such as team leader approval) to this group. This is hard work if we have an event for the whole company - up to 100 employees!
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“I am satisfied with Sloneek, its introduction has had a major positive impact on my work as an HR manager. Our employees find Sloneek to be an intuitive and simple tool to use. We use Sloneek 's "on-call" and "overtime" tracking feature in conjunction with other systems, and although the API integration took some time, it now works really well and we are happy with the system.“

MKolarova MARKÉTA KOLÁŘOVÁ HR Specialist | Showmax

“"Among other things, we really like that we have the option to use only the modules we want. We pay for each module separately, and that is a great advantage.“

MNemcova MICHAELA NĚMCOVÁ HR Manager | Pharmservice

“Sloneek has helped us to quickly bring clarity and order to the HR administration of our rapidly growing company. When we didn't know what to do, the Sloneeksupport team was quick and helpful. We also appreciate the continuous improvement of the application to better and more flexibly respond to the demands of the very dynamic changes we are living through:)“

Rectangle 1 Josef Šakhta CEO & co-founder

“Easy to use, our staff love using it and it has great and fast support. Overall I am a satisfied admin and user.“

DanielBoda Daniel Boďa COO | Hyperia

“Sloneek is a very user-friendly application. The data transfer was very smooth and fast. We were able to start using the Absence module within a few days. It is very intuitive, no training was needed for the user. The Sloneek team performs frequent updates and upgrades and adds new features based on client suggestions. Customer service responds to our inquiries immediately.“

Sona Bezanyi SONIA BEZÁNYI HR Generalist | Savills
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