“I perceive Sloneek as a huge benefit not only from the HR department where, thanks to the generation of monthly reports, we can process payroll documents faster and more efficiently. But it's also praised by the employees for providing a simple and intuitive overview of leave and absences. Sloneek and its team is a great help with a professional approach.“

1643197361400 Michaela Jeřábková HR Manager
ll1 1

“Sloneek has been beneficial for me personally in that it has simplified my work a lot when I am preparing documents for payroll. I use monthly attendance reports. In the integrated calendar, I see the overlap of attendance and HO. Overall, Sloneek fits perfectly into the overall digitalisation of our school.“

Josef Šachta Lucie Smetanová HR Manager

“Sloneek has helped us to quickly bring clarity and order to the HR administration of our rapidly growing company. When we didn't know what to do, the Sloneeksupport team was quick and helpful. We also appreciate the continuous improvement of the application to better and more flexibly respond to the demands of the very dynamic changes we are living through:)“

Rectangle 1 Josef Šakhta CEO & co-founder

“Easy to use, our staff love using it and it has great and fast support. Overall I am a satisfied admin and user.“

DanielBoda Daniel Boďa COO | Hyperia
Showmax logo

“I am satisfied with Sloneek, its introduction has had a major positive impact on my work as an HR manager. Our employees find Sloneek to be an intuitive and simple tool to use. We use Sloneek 's "on-call" and "overtime" tracking feature in conjunction with other systems, and although the API integration took some time, it now works really well and we are happy with the system.“

MKolarova MARKÉTA KOLÁŘOVÁ HR Specialist | Showmax

“Sloneek is a very user-friendly application. The data transfer was very smooth and fast. We were able to start using the Absence module within a few days. It is very intuitive, no training was needed for the user. The Sloneek team performs frequent updates and upgrades and adds new features based on client suggestions. Customer service responds to our inquiries immediately.“

Sona Bezanyi SONIA BEZÁNYI HR Generalist | Savills
Loono logo

“Finally we have all our documents in one online database! What I appreciate most about the app is that it is really user friendly, the customer support is really exceptional, always fast and helpful. I am very pleased that most of the features are clear to me, and if not, there is a chat and a person ready to help!“

JZmitkova JITKA ZMÍTKOVÁ Head of HR | Loono

“We use Sloneek to track time off and other absences. It works perfectly for us. The app is intuitive and easy to use. Customer support is really fast. We are planning to implement more modules soon. I would recommend Sloneek to anyone looking for HR software that is easy to implement and use.“

PHubalkova PETRA HUBÁLKOVÁ HR Consultant| IPG Mediabrands

“Thanks to Sloneek, everyone has a real-time overview of their colleagues' movements and plans. We can also plan joint meetings and events more effectively for the whole year ahead. The system is also flexible enough to record the work of interns and volunteers, without whom we could not perform our activities.“

PGomba PAVLA GOMBA Executive Director | Czech Committee for UNICEF

“"Sloneek has made it easier and faster to organise our HR agenda. We have a perfect record of absenteeism and attendance, and we have a detailed overview of our library of employment documents. I am very happy that we have control over the company assets that our people have at home. All sorted out in no time, with electronically signed handover reports. What our people appreciate is the visibility of who is working "today" and who is on vacation, in meetings and when they may return. In addition to making the entire HR agenda clearer, Sloneek has clearly saved time associated with maintaining and implementing the HR agenda. Everything is available immediately and in a few clicks. Even on my cell phone.“


“Sloneek became part of the team. We can see who is doing what, when, and we can easily work and plan with them.“

AKozak ALEŠ KOZÁK Director | Institute for Monuments and Culture
Edua logo

“Sloneek has helped to digitalise and simplify many HR processes in our group and thus reduce the overall TCO. At the same time, they share our common vision of IT: to work anytime, anywhere.“

Horovic MICHAEL HOROVICH Digital & Data Director | EDUA Group

“The introduction of Sloneek into our company has helped us in several ways:
1. We have fulfilled the legal obligation to record working time
2. We can realistically see and evaluate the attendance of employees, including their absences, in one system.
3. We have achieved a uniform record of assigned work equipment.
4. Employees appreciate the organisational structure and basic information about their colleagues from other teams, as well as the mobile version of the app.

From our position as recruiters on the team at Sloneek, we always appreciate fast, structured and kind communication. Our insights, comments and feedback on certain functionalities are always accepted Sloneek as a challenge or suggestion for improvement. We have gotten along nicely with Sloneek and even though we sometimes complain, we love it 😊“

SRazova SILVIE RÁŽOVÁ HR Director | Restrial

“Describing and assessing competencies is key for us, especially for targeted and meaningful training and development activities for our employees. Thanks to the use of Sloneek, we have a clear and above all digitised, sophisticated and comprehensive assessment and data collection for subsequent competency evaluations. This saves us a huge amount of time at all levels. From the rank and file to their managers to the HR department where the data is handled. The consultancy expertise we received was also important in the implementation.“

Buncek MARTIN BUNČEK CEO | Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

“It is very easy to implement with many special features that are "cool" extras. The leave management feature for all employees is amazing and helps keep track of what's going on in the company with absences. It offers great customer support.“

JValasek JIŘÍ VALÁŠEK HR Manager | Special Turbo

“"Among other things, we really like that we have the option to use only the modules we want. We pay for each module separately, and that is a great advantage.“

MNemcova MICHAELA NĚMCOVÁ HR Manager | Pharmservice

“Easy integration, a user-friendly app with lots of features. Updates responding to the current needs and issues we are dealing with in the company.“

Lukas_Steklik LUKÁŠ STEKLÍK Account Director | Kristián

“Sloneek helps us to keep our HR agenda in order on a daily basis. It simplifies the recording of time worked, and provides clear reports on the basis of which we can process wages and plan shifts.“

Cerny PAVEL MILAN BLACK Founder and Chief of the Tribe | Econea

“We have been using the Sloneek app since 2017. It has changed a lot in that time, but in my opinion only for the better. We are a small company, so we don't use all the features it offers, but it is very "user friendly", which I appreciate very much. Above all, I cannot praise the approach of the gentlemen behind it. They have always been extremely helpful, available almost anytime, friendly and positive, no request is a problem, they always look for a solution, at the end of which everyone involved is satisfied. I definitely cannot praise this cooperation enough.“

MLazanska MAGDA LAŽANSKA HR manager | ProTys
OK Holding logo

“Sloneek helped us with the organization of the HR agenda across the entire holding. The mobile app makes it easier for us to keep track of working hours when travelling on business or working "off-site". We appreciate the fast customer support. It is also good that Sloneek listen to comments for improvement and gradually incorporate them.“

Sarka_Rehankova ŠÁRKA REHANKOVÁ Controlling | OK Holding

“We are extremely satisfied with Sloneek. It exactly meets our needs and requirements for administrative simplification, simplicity, clarity and immediate control. In addition, we have immediate support from Sloneek, we can only recommend them.“

Fertrova PETRA FEŘTROVÁ Sales Director | ECHO 24

“I can highly recommend the Sloneek HR system. The company is constantly developing new functionalities and the system is becoming a comprehensive solution. We are kept informed about upcoming news and the whole team has been providing us with perfect support for a long time. Thanks for that 😊“

Petra Gigová PETRA G. Human Relations | MOPET CZ

“With almost 200 people, we have to have many things in HR digitized, otherwise they are unmanageable. Thanks to Sloneek, we were able to digitalize, streamline and, above all, get the entire basic HR administration under control. We have also significantly reduced the amount of time our employees had to spend on HR. From cluttered spreadsheets with lots of errors we have a fast and secure system.“

Yacoubova CHRISTINE YACOUB HR Manager | AGS 92

“Thanks to Sloneek, we have the entire company's attendance under our thumb.
We appreciate the friendliness and promptness of the entire Sloneek team.
Their taste is constantly improving. Satisfaction for us.“

user-svgrepo-com Jana S. HR Dept. | STO

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