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Attendance and absences

Working hours and absences

The Sloneek HR system offers a fully configurable solution for calculating the net time pool based on holidays, public holidays and approved absences. Thanks to the electronic attendance system you can also keep an accurate record of everything.

Time tracking
Scheduling and time tracking

Time tracking and work planning

Sloneek allows you to track time worked using time tracking with flexible settings that can be used for all types of working relationships. It includes as well as easy work scheduling and shifts.

  • Entering home office
  • Planning business trips
  • Shift planning
Approval workflow
Approval process

Approval of events by supervisor

Events that are subject to manager approval are approved in a clear team calendar, in which each event can also be commented and attached to its file as an attachment. This eliminates emailing and confusion.

Activity Summary
Documentation for invoicing

Documents for invoicing work

Honestly reported time on projects in conjunction with clear reporting will provide you with the accurate documentation for internal and external billing in a few clicks and in the format you need.


Clear reporting

What you can measure, you can better manage. Optimise and plan capacity more accurately and prepare the payroll department's documentation for smooth payroll clearance. You can create custom views or contingency tables and then download the reports in CSV or XLS format.

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