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Comparison of key features and functionalities: Sloneek X BambooHR

Employee records Sloneek BambooHR
Employee database Does contain Does contain
Staff working hours Very important if you want to calculate work hours of an employee per month. Key in Czech, where the pool of holidays is counted in hours. Key in Czech, where the pool of holidays is counted in hours. Does contain Doesn't contain
Customizable user field Using a custom user interface, you can record any user/employee benefits or attribute you may need, such as "t-shirt size" if you provide clothing or marketing goods to your people. Does contain Doesn't contain
Customizable user labels Use custom tags to segment reports, time off requests, user reports, etc. As an example, you may want to generate a traffic report only for people with the tag "External". As an example, you may want to generate a traffic report only for people with the tag "External". Does contain Doesn't contain
Language in the application Language in the application An ever-expanding list of supported languages allows each user to choose their preferred language for applications and notifications. Does contain Doesn't contain
Location of work Does contain Does contain
Meal vouchers Does contain Does contain
Records of basic wage development Does contain Does contain
Employee mood monitoring Does contain Doesn't contain
Comments Does contain Does contain
Own comments Does contain Does contain
Core HR process automation: tasklists Sloneek BambooHR
Tasks Does contain Doesn't contain
Onboarding checklists Does contain Does contain
Offboarding checklists Does contain Does contain
Customizable checklists Customizable checklists It allows HR managers to create checklists not only for predefined processes such as the hiring process, but also for additional and/or ad-hoc events, including certification, training, disciplinary processes, performance reviews, user satisfaction ratings, etc. Does contain Doesn't contain
View KANBAN Does contain Doesn't contain
Customizable alerts Doesn't contain Does contain
Attendance system and employee time tracking Sloneek BambooHR
Entering work attendance Does contain Does contain
GPS geolocation Does contain Doesn't contain
Attendance terminal Attendance terminal Together with geolocation, we provide excellent traffic registration capabilities. Employee scheduling, including arrivals and departures are registered at predefined locations (offices, warehouses, custom objects,...) and can be registered in several ways, for example - by web application, mobile application and hardware terminal with touch screen and contactless card reader. Does contain Doesn't contain
Activity Tracking Does contain Does contain
Time tracking Timesheet tracking Possible via additional module Does contain Doesn't contain
Work planning We provide a means for easy shift planning using a timeline view. Does contain Doesn't contain
Hourly rate of workers Does contain Doesn't contain
Time-off management Sloneek BambooHR
Absence management Does contain Does contain
Team absence calendar Team members and their managers have a common calendar of their absences, attendance and activities. They can comment on each event, add attachments, and even mention any team member to bring the event to their attention. Does contain Doesn't contain
Calendar of public holidays for each country Companies that are located in more than one country need to have holidays configurable at the user level. Does contain Doesn't contain
Approval workflow Does contain Does contain
Documents Sloneek BambooHR
Electronic signing of documents Does contain Does contain
Signing documents of external entities We allow scenarios such as signing an NDA with someone who is not already a Sloneek user. This is usually done in the recruitment and pre-employment phase. Does contain Doesn't contain
Employee performance Sloneek BambooHR
KPIs & OKRs For BambooHR possible via integration Does contain Does contain
Customizable evaluation questionnaires For BambooHR possible via integration Does contain Doesn't contain
Skills management Does contain Doesn't contain
Self/managerial evaluation Does contain Does contain
Reporting Sloneek BambooHR
HR reporting Does contain Does contain
Documentation for invoicing Does contain Does contain
Engagement: employee engagement Sloneek BambooHR
Employee Engagement Does contain Does contain
Trust box Does contain Doesn't contain
Requests Doesn't contain Does contain
ATS Sloneek BambooHR
Talent pool Does contain Does contain
Customizable company portal Does contain Does contain
Customizable recruitment phases Does contain Does contain
Sharing on career portals Doesn't contain Does contain
ATS reporting Doesn't contain Does contain
Records of work equipment and company property Sloneek BambooHR
Asset management and history Does contain Doesn't contain
Transmission & el. signature of work aids We have a much better tool for the whole process of transferring operational resources. We have a full detail of each property, a full handover report which is signed by the employee, the property has a full history including a photo gallery and all handover reports. Does contain Doesn't contain
Transfer protocols Does contain Doesn't contain
Integration Sloneek BambooHR
Google Does contain Does contain
MS365 Does contain Doesn't contain
IceWarp Does contain Doesn't contain
Slack Does contain Does contain
Helios Does contain Doesn't contain
Jira Does contain Doesn't contain
And some additional features Sloneek BambooHR
Holding structure Tools for international and full remote hybrid teams Does contain Doesn't contain
Company chat Does contain Doesn't contain
Mobile interface Does contain Does contain

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Remote tools

Tailored tools for international and hybrid teams

Beyond the exhaustive list of casual HR system features, we have additional features and tools that handles core HR functions of hybrid-managed team; from applicant tracking to payroll management, while preserving company culture.

  • Global structure for international teams
  • Preferred language of the user in the application
  • Calendar of public holidays in your country
  • Electronic signing of documents
customer support personnel system Sloneek
Customer care

Global support that has no competition and no place in the price list

Enjoy a seamless onboarding flow as our specialists guide you through the onboarding stage and stay by you during the use of the app, helping you navigate core functions to improve employer-employee experience.

  • Active support in the same time zone
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Overview of all functionalities

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Records of workers

User working hours
Individual user tagging
Location of the executive work
Meal vouchers
Records of the development of the basic salary
Absenteeism fund
Overview of user presence
Audit log
Anniversary commemorations
Reminders of specific dates
Comments on specific events
Customizable user field

Documents and signing


Mobile applications

Mobile time tracking
Signing documents on your phone
User reports on your phone
Mobile activity calendar
Mobile absence calendar

Absence management

Possibility of attachments and commenting on absences
Overview of absences in the calendar


Work report back
Flexible setting of activity events
Categorisation of tracked activities
Notes, annexes, activity comments
Comprehensive documents for invoicing customers

Work assets

Detailed card asset
Asset in stock
Custom field tools
Categorisation of tools


Supporting documents for payroll
Statement of working time
Attendance Report
Remaining absences
Report timesheets
Report of arrivals and departures
Overtime report
Report home office
Business trip report
Report basic pay, bonuses and deductions
Report meal vouchers



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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other alternatives to BambooHR?

Yes. Trakstar, Bambee, Reviewsnap, Paylocity, ADP Workforce Now are other popular talent management software with a wide range of features specially designed for modern workforce management. However, with standout features and tools like attendance system, time tracking, hybrid team tools, and AI-powered HR assistance, Sloneek leads in automating core HR processes, offering an efficient performance management solution.

What sets Sloneek apart from other BambooHR alternatives?

Our robust features simplify tedious administrative tasks. Experience our salient features, supported by a modern interface, data-driven reports, and robust customer service, all managed within a centralized database. These advanced features help businesses manage core HR admin functions, as confirmed by our user reviews and real-time feedback from reputable software review sites like G2 and Getapp

Which tools and platforms can Sloneek integrate with?

Sloneek works with platforms like Slack, JIRA, and Google Workspace. See the full list of our integrations.

How quickly can Sloneek be implemented? Are there any hidden costs involved?

Our payroll software is quick and easy to implement across business segments. And there are no hidden costs associated with our system. Simply subscribe and get on board. Get a detailed breakdown of the implementation process, on our website or get in touch with our customer-friendly support team.

How intuitive is Sloneek's user experience, and is there a knowledge base for support?

Sloneek boasts an intuitive user-friendly interface that ensures even those unfamiliar with HR software can navigate with ease. And, of course, we offer a comprehensive knowledge base and real-time human support to assist users whenever they need help.

Can you provide references from current Sloneek clients?

Sloneek user reviews reveal how far we go to make every client satisfied. our user satisfaction rating on software review sites like G2 showcases our core competencies.

We’ll be happy to connect you with the Sloneek client community for a firsthand review of our notable features and their overall experience with our software.

How does Sloneek leverage AI in its operations?

Our AI-powered payroll software and HR tools have advanced features that offer an automated solution for businesses, streamlining demanding HR tasks, reducing administrative burdens, and enhancing efficiency.

Our smart tools handle time tracking, employee data management, workforce analytics, employee directory, and several other add-on features on a clean interface that make the hiring process, performance management, engagement survey, payroll processing, tax filing, and the entire human resources management system a breeze across business niches, from onboarding to offboarding.

Is there a mobile app available for Sloneek?

Yes, Sloneek has a human resources software app for mobile users who wish to manage their HR tasks on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, providing flexibility and convenience to users.

How comprehensive are Sloneek's reporting and analytics features?

With Sloneek’s robust people analytics, businesses can gain insights into various HR metrics, helping them make informed decisions. On our user-friendly interface, you can monitor performance reviews, catch potential issues early, and optimize HR processes based on the data available, all within our centralized database.