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Employee folder

It contains everything you need when working on personal development and corporate employment. Allows you to set different working hours.

  • Working hours
  • Documents and assets
  • Country, language, holidays
  • Salary history
  • Shape of custom fields
User management

User Directory

Clear user dashboard with advanced filtering according to custom parameters.

  • Easy data editing and export
  • Individual configuration
  • Mobile app
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History of changes

  • Keep track of all the important changes in your people
  • Promotions, bonuses, completed reviews or kudos
  • Perfect overview for team managers
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Organisational structure

Easy team creation, including management roles and rank-and-file members.

  • Clear team structure
  • Setting managerial roles
  • Export org charter as an image

Mobile employee directory

You'll have all your employees together in a clear phone book, with the ability to view detail cards and management reports.

  • Telephone directory

    Attendance control, with accurate geolocation.

  • Management reports

    Submitting a request to for approval of absence.

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