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Eng dashboard
Company bulletin board

Overview of company events

The summary encourages employees to be more engaged in the opportunity to participate in the company culture, share their achievements, accept others and celebrate their colleagues' birthdays.

  • Announcements and compliments
  • Overview of birthdays, home office and holidays
  • Annual reminders
  • Getting to know a new colleague
  • Custom arrangement of widgets

Unlock the power of data with AI surveys

Improve decision-making and save up to 90% of time with AI tools for survey generation, data analysis and smart recommendations.

  • Anonymous / public
  • Wide selection of survey types
  • AI survey generation
  • Survey results in graphs
  • Smart recommendations
Mood meter
Mood meter

Satisfaction measurement

If you have happy colleagues, you can count on higher productivity, lower absenteeism and lower turnover. An online survey is a quick and convenient way to get feedback from your colleagues.

Company wiki

Internal knowledge base

The company wiki is not an archive. It is a tool that can help you speed up your company's work, minimise downtime and increase your efficiency. In the company wiki, every colleague should find what kind of company it is, how it works, who is in charge of what, and how most things are done.

Trust box
Trust box

Whistleblowing system for anonymous reporting

A tool for anonymous reporting in accordance with whistleblowing legislation. It protects the company from negative phenomena and ensures anonymity for employees.

  • Option to add an ombudsman role
  • Insertion of text messages
  • Notification of new notification insertion
  • The notifier can see who the addressee is
  • Integration with the corporate structure

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  • guide you through the features of the app
  • will answer all your questions
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  • provide top onboarding
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