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Time tracking
Time tracking

Digital reporting of work

Report to one environment. Time tracking works like a smart stopwatch on the web and on your phone.

  • Tracking in Jira, Redmine, Trello and others
  • Manually create an entry via calendar
  • Linking all data to the HR system
  • Categorisation of work on project/client level

Timesheet of working hours

The activity overview is used for work planning, utilization of the project-managed positions and also as the basis for invoicing.

  • Managerial overview
  • Documentation for invoicing
  • Efficient utilisation of labour
Kalendář aktivit
Calendar of activities

Clear view of all team activities

Events are clearly displayed in the calendar, where users can react to individual activities.

  • Approval of the activities by the manager
  • Commenting and responding to the statements
  • Monthly, weekly, daily views
Acitivity summary
Cost rate

Hourly cost and billing rate

Each activity may have a maximum monthly or annual fund of working hours as well as an hourly cost rate and an hourly rate to bill.

  • Individual setting of hourly rates
  • Monthly and annual user activity fund
  • Monitoring the profitability of the work done

Documentation for invoicing

All activities are entered into reports for cost and billing summary. The employees can also compare their monthly time fund.

  • Detailed list of registered activities
  • Summary of work for the period
  • Monthly calendar of working time
  • Comparison with working time fund

Mobile Time tracking

Time tracking can be easily recorded using a mobile app. You get an up-to-date overview and  the managers are able to approve people's time.

  • Start - Stop

    Starting and ending the work activity measurement.

  • Quick overview

    Employees track their working time.

  • Approval of activities

    Call for approval of the activity.

  • Activity Comments

    Activities can be annotated in the calendar view.

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