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App Guide

The application wizard is available 24/7 for you and your teams

You don't know what to do? Your best friend in the form of our AiĀ guide is ready to handle you and your people's queries. It can do this in all the world's languages. So try it out!

  • It knows the entire Sloneek HR by heart
  • It responds in seconds
  • Handles your employees' queries
  • Speaks all world languages
  • Knows which HR system is the best
Documents Ai

Preparing templates forĀ company documents

Ai creates templates for company documents. Just write down what document you need (handover protocol, contract, work instructions, guidelines...) and AI will prepare it immediately.

  • Draft documents in seconds
  • Generate templates for different document types
  • Saving hours per month
Onboarding Ai en
Skills & Evaluation

Generation of OKRs, Skill sets andĀ Evaluation questionnaires

Do you have a new position in your company? AI will help you put together SkillĀ sets for the position, complete sub-goals for the position, and prepareĀ evaluation questionnaires.

  • skill sets
  • Evaluation questionnaires
  • OKRs (sub-objectives)
Job offer Ai
Job adverts

Creating job offers tailored toĀ the positions you areĀ looking for

Let the AI create a job offer for you for any new position you're looking for. Email it who you are and let it work for you.

  • Creating offers in seconds
  • Generate templates for different positions
  • Saving hours per month
Onboarding Ai en

List generation not only forĀ Onboarding and Offboarding

Creating onboarding or offboarding to-do lists has never been easier. Just specify for which purpose andĀ which position you need the automated list to be created and let the AIĀ do the work for you.

  • Onboarding and offboarding checklists
  • Any other to-do lists as needed
  • Kanban board overview

Interested in learning more about Sloneek?

Our experts VƔclav, Adam, Richard and Sebastian will be happy to introduce you to the Sloneek HR system and answer all your questions.

  • guide you through the features of the app
  • will answer all your questions
  • prepare a presentation and a tailor-made offer
  • provide top onboarding
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