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Activity reporting

Activity-Based Payroll Processing: Internal vs. External Billing

HR payroll system that provides insights into project hours and client costs, balancing internal and invoiced expenses. Our platform streamlines cost monitoring and billing.

  • Insights into project hours and client activities.
  • Balancing internal and invoiced costs.
  • Monthly reports dispatched automatically.
  • Accountants can download reports directly.
Absence reporting

Monitor and Report Employee Absences for Accurate Invoicing

  • Track holidays, medical leaves, and other absences to reflect in invoicing accurately.
  • Acknowledge employees with off days and ensure compliance with tax laws.
  • Minimize the risk of missing any attendance-related compliance requirements.
Working hours
Working hours

Define Working Schedule by Role & Employment Type

  • Diverse Employment Settings: Whether on a main employment, remote, or on contract
  • Attendance Tracking of employee hours, reducing any human error.
  • Time Tracking Integration with tools like Jira making reporting effortless
Salary management

Streamline Salary Setup for All Employee Profiles

  • Flexible Rates: Easily set internal and external rates for salaried and hourly staff.
  • Manage and report salaries, bonuses, and deductions within the system.
  • Unified Payroll: Integrate all payroll processes, reducing manual errors.

Interested in learning more about Sloneek?

Our experts Václav, Adam, Richard and Sebastian will be happy to introduce you to the Sloneek HR system and answer all your questions.

  • guide you through the features of the app
  • will answer all your questions
  • prepare a presentation and a tailor-made offer
  • provide top onboarding
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Why choose Sloneek?

Our HR and payroll management software is not just another tool, but a comprehensive solution that understands the intricacies of hybrid-driven teams. By integrating essential features, eliminating manual errors, and providing valuable insights, we ensure business owners can focus on growth while we handle the complexities of HR and payroll.

What are key features?
  • Dynamic Integrations: Smoothly integrate with tools like Jira, Google, Toggl, MS365, IceWarp, Slack, and BI tools like Power BI and Looker Studio.
  • Comprehensive Employee Records: From employee profiles to performance management, maintain a single platform for the entire employee lifecycle.
  • Human Capital Management: Not just a payroll app, but a comprehensive human resource management system that deals with every aspect from applicant tracking to employee engagement.
  • Automated Tax Filing: With our automatic tax filing feature, meet all tax regulations without the hassle of manual processes.
How long does Sloneek's implementation take?

It typically takes a few weeks. Users can be integrated and active within three days.

What about data security?

Our infrastructure is backed by AWS (Amazon Web Services), ensuring a robust data leak defense and 99% service availability.

Is there backup for our data?

Absolutely! We perform daily backups to guard against data loss or damage.

How does Sloneek ensure privacy?

We are fully compliant with GDPR regulations, prioritizing your data’s privacy.

Can I try Sloneek before committing?

Yes! We offer a 14-day free trial, granting access to all features. Plus, we assist with onboarding and initial setup.