Azmplus: Sloneek streamlined our decentralized HR.

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Decentralized HR is an efficiency drain. Sloneek helped us unify it without starting from scratch

Azmplus is a small but highly successful Austrian company based in Vienna. For two decades, they have been advising brands in the fields of digitalization and marketing. They offer not only creative ideas but also concrete solutions such as SEO optimization and email marketing setup. They also share their expertise with internationally operating companies, helping them adapt to specific market needs and local customers. Azmplus experts are also capable of providing HR consulting, including onboarding processes and team dynamics. At Azmplus, they understand the significance of well-managed HR processes for a company and their impact on employee satisfaction. And because the best way is to inspire-by-example, they decided to take their own processes to a new level.

International companies with a hybrid work model can’t do without digitalization

Azmplus currently employs 20 professionals from various European countries, including Austria, Romania and Portugal. All of them work in a hybrid work model, which presents numerous challenges for HR, whether it’s managing leave requests, onboarding, or handling personnel matters with employees.

If employees have flexible working hours and can work from home, and the company consists of international teams, digitalized HR is an absolute necessity. Whether it’s the approval of leave requests or business trips, relying on paperwork or email in such a situation is no longer viable. Today, digitalization is a common practice for companies across industries, and it would be a mistake for HR to lag behind,” says Milan Rataj, the founder of Sloneek.

HR Manager Mihai Singeorzean, responsible for HR at Azmplus, concurs with this viewpoint. „Before Sloneek, all our HR processes were scattered across multiple sources, primarily in Excel or even on paper documents. As a company specializing in digitalization and marketing, we recognized that, to operate efficiently and provide our employees with cohesion, we needed to change this,” Singeorzean describes.

Simplicity and a clear user interface were the deciding factors

So, how to choose the best tool? Unfortunately, recommendations from friend-of-business didn’t help. They had no choice but to turn to Google and start their own research. From that, they tested several of the most promising options. In the end, Sloneek emerged as the winner.

What primarily influenced our decision was the simplicity of the service and its user-friendly design. Later on, we also appreciated the excellent support during the system’s implementation,” comments Mihai Singeorzean.

Sloneek was integrated with other Microsoft Office applications, allowing Azmplus to centralize HR processes without the need to start from scratch and seamlessly connect them with other tools.

Not only managers, but also employees are satisfied

After three months of use, HR Manager Mihai Singeorzean praises the fact that he can now manage all HR tasks within a single system, with documents, attendance records, and employee information all neatly organized.

I appreciate having everything in one place and managing it centrally. Although I can’t quantify the time saved by implementing the system yet, I already know that I can handle HR tasks more quickly. Sloneek also assists me with onboarding. Moreover, I am confident that if any issues arise or if I need to customize the system, Sloneek’s support is top-notch,” he praises the collaboration.

Sloneek has also received positive feedback from Azmplus employees. They appreciate its user-friendly interface (UX) and the ability to have a perfect overview of their leave and attendance, which they can check anytime, even from their mobile phones.

We are delighted that, at Azmplus, we were able to assist with HR digitalization through Sloneek. From other clients, we know how effective HR can give a company a significant boost. We are very pleased with our collaboration and look forward to more productive months ahead,” concludes Milan Rataj.