Employee records

Detailed records of all the people who work with you - whether they are employees or freelancers. You get a detailed view of the individual and an overview of the entire company.

  • Employee folder

    All information, documents and tools in one place.

  • Phone directory

    Company-wide phone book with photos of colleagues and contact details.

  • Organisational structure

    The corporate structure tree can be easily edited, exported and printed.

  • Dates and anniversaries

    All holidays, birthdays and company anniversaries clearly in one calendar.


Automation of HR processes

You can leave as much of the administrative steps associated with onboarding, offboarding, evaluation and training to the employees themselves. Sensibly spread out administration will give you more time for your people.

  • User self signup

    Users are invited to enter the application via a link where they fill in their personal details and attach documents.

  • User tutorials

    The intuitive app is complemented by interactive tutorials, eliminating the need for training.

  • Automation

    You can define lists of repeated actions in easily executable checklists.

  • ATS (in preparation)

    A recruitment portal with open position descriptions, integrated with employee files and checklists.


Competence model

Fulfill your corporate strategy through competency-based management. Approach the management and development of your employees wisely, support them in their long-term growth and make the most of their potential.

  • Definition of competence requirements

    The competency model tree simplifies the definition of the competency requirements for each role.

  • Planning effective training

    You plan training according to the actual training needs of the employees involved.

  • Assessment of the state of competence

    Unique system of employee self-assessment with subsequent evaluation by his manager.

  • Evaluation of training results

    Monitor and evaluate the impact of training on the development of your employees' competences.

Your people are a treasure!

Get your company's most valuable assets in order.

For HR professionals

Digitisation of administration

Get more time to motivate and educate your people.

For the Finance Department

Legal requirements

Keep legally required information in one place.

For employees

Overview of colleagues

Call your new colleague directly from the mobile app.

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