We all know very well what we're after. Sloneek will become the most used HR tool among SME's around the world❗️💪


We know how to switch off after work. Although we often relax together again🤦 .


What we don't know, we learn. We know a lot, but not enough to stop learning😎 .

Meet the team of great people behind the project.

We all know very well what we are after.

Sloneek will become the most used HR tool among SME’s around the world.

- Nothing will stop us 💪


Peter, Filip, Vasek, and Milan are the founders of Sloneek.


This is how it started once upon a time. In the kitchen, on the table, and with energy drinks.


Julka. ⭐ of our marketing ❤️ .

She graduated in psychology at the University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik in Košice and uses the knowledge she gained from this beautiful science in marketing, which she takes care of with love at Sloneek 😍. She likes to air her head on long walks in the mountains and when exploring new places 🏔 🔭..

What does she like about working at S.l.o.n.e.e.k?

S “for the awesome colleagues who make Sloneek what it is.

L” for the loving and transparent approach of our founders. They listen, they advise, they guide, they constructively educate😀 .

O” for open-mindedness, where our Czech-Slovak company resembles Western, advanced organizations.

N” for Night Rides, which makes us not only colleagues but also great friends.

EE” (read) for an inspiring environment, where we always have the opportunity to learn, collaborate with great experts, and work on interesting projects.

K” for the kindness and creativity that is part of my job, which I get up every day with real joy.

Axa dog

Axi the dog makes sure everyone does what they’re supposed to 😅 .

Vasek Martin

Vašek Martin is responsible for sales and marketing at Sloneek.

He was at the birth of the first idea to create an app that helps people remove paper “requests for time off to recuperate“. In 2010, he designed the first form of the app, which at that time was called iDovolenka. He is still working at Sloneek today and is mainly involved in designing the app’s functionalities. Vašek studied economics and marketing, and in his personal life, he follows the ideals of transhumanism. He is a dad, a martial arts lover, a die-hard athlete, a dieter, and an evangelist of low-carb eating.

He who does nothing does nothing wrong!

- Caught on the boardroom wall

Only Julka can get our developers to take a picture together. Because everyone is afraid of her 😅 🙈 .


Filip Lukáč leads the development team of Sloneek.

He was at the birth of the first version of Sloneek, which he programmed entirely in his spare time. He was also the one who first pronounced the future name of the app, which we later just converted into phonetic form. He is currently the head of development. Filip is a graduate of the Department of Computer Science at Košice University of Technology. He used to play competitive hockey for HC Košice and his positive attitude towards sports has not left him. Currently, he is a regular winner of the company competition for the highest number of steps walked per day.


Milan Rataj is responsible for Customer Happiness and everything around HR.

He is one of the senior members of the team. With Vašek he was at the birth of the iDovolenka app. He is a seasoned and experienced HR consultant. Rataj has mostly worked on large organizational changes or strategic HR consulting for management. In addition to providing customer care, he is actively engaged in evangelizing the competency model of employee development. Milan has a degree in andragogy and marketing. He also holds doctorates in both fields. He is a great food lover, wine connoisseur, an excellent cook, and an active sportsman.


Jozef expanded our ranks in 2020 when he took on the role in Sales.

Jozef is a graduate of Masaryk University and the University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik in Košice in English Language and Literature. Jozef’s passion for languages is evident. He speaks fluent English, German, some Hebrew, and can even speak a few words of Japanese. Thanks to his studies in Brno, he has mastered the Hantec language. As a salesman, he never has a day off, but in his quiet moments, he enjoys hiking, playing board games, and PlayStation or his beloved history of the medieval period.


We love mountains. We also go to them together sometimes.


Peter has been with Sloneek since its birth and is currently responsible for the software development of the entire backend of the application.

Peter is finishing his studies at the Department of Computer Science at Technical University Košice. Outside of work, he is an avid biker and a dedicated gamer. He is also very modest, which is why this section is so short 😇


Work hard – party hard. Very hard.

No filter

No exaggeration. It’s hard work…


Ivanka. The first woman in Sloneek.

But mostly, she’s a coder. She’s clear proof that SW development is not just a male domain!


Filec. He’s the head of front-end development.

He’s breaking down the notion that developers are unkempt dudes with greasy beards.


Mišo is deluded by his body.

Now an experienced back-end and front-end coder. When he’s angry, he starts saying “sharish”. He says it’s better if we don’t understand…


When it comes to entertainment, we’re a family tandem band. Julka and her husband are unbeatable…


We’re all in. Not bad weather. Just badly dressed skiers.


We can be serious…