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We know what we're after 👉 Sloneek will become the most used HR tool among SME's worldwide 💪


We can switch off after work. Although we often relax together again 🍺

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What we don't know, we learn. We know enough, but not enough to stop learning 😎

Meet our herd

We all know very well what we are after.

Sloneek will become the most used HR tool among SME’s worldwide.

- Nothing can stop us 💪

Peter, Filip, Vasek and Milan are the founders of Sloneek.


That’s how it started. In the kitchen, on the table and with energy drinks.


David is a key figure in our happiness team. He was also the first to master, understand and set up Sloneekin 2 days. So he is living proof that our application is not that complicated:) Moravian in body and soul. As a former professional tennis player and coach, he knows more about customer care than you might think.

We believe in our product

Together, we are working to create the best HR system in the universe and evangelize the HR world. We all believe we are at the birth of something with a great future and a great impact on the world of work.
This link says it best -> “make HR super human” 🙂

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Radim, 🚂 the driving force behind the marketing team. “NO” is not an answer for him and the word “impossible” is probably not even in his vocabulary :)) Surprisingly, he can also shut down sometimes. In his spare time, he is a big fan of the stock market and his French bulldog, Stella.


Sebastian is 🚀 whose arrival has shot our sales into remarkable numbers. He excels in naturalness, a pro-clien approach and team spirit. Our first teambuilding together will remain in our memories forever!

We are one team

It seems unbelievable, but no matter how long we’ve been in Sloneek, it feels like we’ve all known each other much longer than the reality. The phrase “helping each other” is not a buzzword for us, but a reality that we don’t have to force ourselves into because it is more natural to us than nature. We work remotely but still together.

- Our values
Axa pes

Axi the dog carefully makes sure everyone does what they are supposed to 😅 .


He who does nothing, spoils nothing!

- Captured in the conference room on the wall

Only Julka can get our developers to take a picture together. Because everyone is afraid of her 😅 🙈 .


Filip Lukáč is our CEO.

He was at the birth of the first version of Sloneek, which he programmed in his spare time. He also pronounced the future name of the app for the first time, which we then just converted into phonetic form. Filip is a graduate of the Department of Computer Science at the Technical University of Košice. He played ice hockey competitively for HC Košice and his positive attitude towards sports has not left him. He is currently a regular corporate winner of the competition for the highest number of steps walked per day.


Marek Beran is the captain of the Revenue team. His drumming helps increase the pace and speed at which Sloneek and I fly forward ☠️

We are responsible to our work and to others

Each of us cares about a job well done. We value our enormous degree of flexibility and the freedom we bring to the team through our responsibility to our tasks and our role. Whatever we agree on, that’s what counts.

- Our values
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Sima brings order, clear vision and organisation to the product team. Long conversations with recruiters led to the fact that the development of our application is moving in the right direction. Simi is a big fan of books, long and thought-provoking conversations and topics suppressed by society.


We love the mountains. We also go to them together sometimes.


Work hard – party hard. Very hard.

No filter

No exaggeration. It’s hard work…


Filec. He is the head of front-end development.

He demolishes the notion that developers are unkempt, greasy-bearded guys.


Go all out. There’s no such thing as bad weather. Just poorly dressed skiers.

We’re going bombs and we got drive

Sometimes it’s hard with us. We all engage in discussions about our product and how we’re going to do what so that we need to be moderated at times 🙂 We each put “something extra” into our work and look at everything from multiple sides, because that’s the only way we arrive at our goal together and incrementally. We are always learning – the phrase “challenging environment” is probably the best way to put it – that is exactly what we live in here.


Corporate heckling – the just-announced KPIs provoke both amusement and despair. But we turn despair into determination! 💪

Terka (1)

Our Terka is a paramedic. It helps new customers safely navigate the often difficult transition from paper to digital. He has a practice like no other. She’s a real lifesaver 🩸

We’re being healthily cheeky

What does healthy predation mean to us? For example, that we open topics that are a bit taboo or controversial in the HR world. We like to show that “we’re not afraid” and this shows in our communication both internally and externally.


Nika is another smart woman in the development department. She likes to discover the sea world while diving and recharge her energy while walking or jumping on the trampoline:)


Richard’ s a salesman like a belt. It is also forged in the Beskydy Mountains. Rough but beautiful. And maybe that’s why she loves hiking, traveling and…drinking rum 🥃

Aris (1)

Dogs are great friends of the Sloneeks. Aris is a bit different, though. He’s a certified paramedic🫶

Board (1)

Paul. Unassuming in appearance, striking in his talent and relationship with UX. From the first day he started, he left no one in doubt that the app redesign was in really good hands.