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Chat GPT-4

Sloneek AI HR assistant

Open AI's first ever AI-powered HR assistant Chat GPT-4. Your new artificial colleague will help you with the execution of tasks within your regular HR agenda.

  • 24/7 AI wizard to handle you and your people's queries
  • Preparation of templates for company documents
  • Generation of OKRs, Skill sets and Evaluations
  • Creating job offers for open positions
  • Generation of checklists for onboarding etc.
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Remote tools

Tailored tools for international and hybrid teams

Beyond the exhaustive list of casual HR system features, we have additional features and tools that handles core HR functions of hybrid-managed team; from applicant tracking to payroll management, while preserving company culture.

  • Global structure for international teams
  • Preferred language of the user in the application
  • Calendar of public holidays in your country
  • Electronic signing of documents
G2 reviews

Why did our customers choose Sloneek over the competition?

  • Simple and intuitive environment
  • Superior and proactive customer support
  • Fast system deployment and superior onboarding
  • Proven references with a 4.9 rating on the G2

We're #1 with integrations!

Anyone can integrate Sloneek with other systems. Thanks to the open API Simply a few clicks away.

  • Absence synchronisation with MS365 & Google
  • Time tracking and reporting in Slack
  • Integration of project activities with Jira
  • Integration of Bi tools Power Bi, Looker, Tableu
Customer care

Global support that has no competition and no place in the price list

Our specialists will be onboarding you and will always be there for you during the use of the app.

  • Proactive support in the same time zone
  • 24/7 AI wizard to handle you and your people's queries
  • Communication in all world languages
  • Dedicated Customer success manager

Overview of all features

Core HR
emloyee-records Employee records
documents-e-sign Documents & e-sign
asset-management Asset management
Outline AI Surveys
engagement Engagement
organisational-chart Organizational structure
Group-34061-1 HR automation
whistleblowing Trust box
holding-structure Holding structure
Time management
time-tracking-timesheets Activity & Time Tracking
time-off Absence management
atendance-system Attendance system
clients-project Clients and projects
Performance management People Analytics
Hiring & onboarding
recruiting Hiring (ATS)
Preboarding Preboarding
onboarding Onboarding
onboarding-1 Offboarding
Payroll & finance Mobile applications Integrations

Employee records

Employee folder
Type of cooperation, time
Location of work
User history
Organizational structure
Records of financial conditions
User configurable field
Web and mobile user directory
Event reminders

Documents & e-sign

Electronic signature of documents (eIDAS ready)
Document template generation (AI)
Confirmation of reading of documents
Corporate document storage
Encrypted employee document storage

Asset management

Taking over and handing over the asset with an electronic signature
Generation of handover protocols
Overview of the status and location of assets
Detailed card asset
Custom field tools
Categorisation of tools

AI surveys

Creation of surveys
Easy editing
AI generation of tailored surveys
Data visualization
AI summary and evaluation of results
NPS questionnaire with result calculations
Export to csv, svg, png


Company bulletin board
Announcements and Kudos
Employee surveys
NPS satisfaction survey
Company wiki

Organizational Structure

Team tree
Setting up teams
Assigning team roles
Team descriptions
Drag & Drop finish

HR Automation

Creation of checklists (onboarding, offboarding)
Individualised tasks
KANBAN, spreadsheet and calendar task management
Deadline reminders
Checklist generation (AI)
Generating job ads and offers (AI)
Generation of KPIs, OKRs, evaluation questionnaires (AI)
Generating templates for documents (AI)

Trust box

Anonymous event reporting tool
Option to add an ombudsman role
Insert text messages and images
The notifier can see who is the recipient of the message
Notification of a new message

Holding Structure

Parent and subsidiary companies
Local language and holidays
International team composition
Clear control by administrators

Activity & Time Tracking

Time sheets (also manually processed)
Planning business trips
Evidence home office
Approval of activities
Team reports
Mobile time tracking
Flexible setting of activity events
Hourly cost and billing price
Reporting on projects and clients
Notes, annexes, activity comments
Comprehensive documents for invoicing customers

Absence management

Working time fund
Overview of absences in the calendar
Flexibly configurable absence events
Approval of absences
Possibility of attachments and commenting on absences
Detailed reporting
Mobile Absence Management

Attendance System

Entering arrivals and departures
Team attendance calendar
Attendance terminal
GPS geolocation
Export attendance to excel
Detailed reporting including balance

Clients and projects

Project management and time reporting
Intuitive activity logging
Many adjustable parameters
Reporting of work reports and invoicing documents
Quick totals of reported work
Hourly and cost invoicing
Multi-level filtering
Custom configuration of tables
Record from mobile app

People Analytics

Basic HR metrics
User lifecycle
Recruitment metrics
Operations (documents, tools)
Competence (Skills)
Performance (coming soon)
AI Analytics

Performance management

Skills / competences
OKRs and KPIs
Evaluation questionnaires
Educational plans

Hiring (ATS)

Register of applicants
Candidate management
Setting the recruitment phases
Advertising portal
Communication over candidates
Talent pool


Preboarding package
Quick template preparation
Automatic data filling
Generating questions using AI
Welcome package for your first day at work


Templates for onboarding
Records of personal and work data
Management of work equipment and company assets
Records and electronic signature of documents
Setting working hours and types of absences


Templates for offboarding
Termination of employment and offboarding
Handover of all aids and check of condition
Signature of output documents

Mobile applications

Attendance on the phone
Mobile time tracking
Entering and approving absences on the phone
Signing documents on your phone
Mobile calendar of activities, absences and attendance
User reports on your phone


Google Absence Sync
MS 365 synchronisation of absences
IceWarp synchronisation of absences
Slack: absence, time tracking and attendance reports
Integration of activities with Jira
Open API
OKTA single sign-on


Supporting documents for payroll and invoicing
Statement of working time
Reports of attendance and absences
Custom report configuration
Graphical display of data
Export to xls and csv

Payroll & finance

Payroll processing by activity: internal vs. external invoicing
Overview of hours worked on activities
Tracking internal and external costs
Accountants can download reports directly
Absence tracking and reporting for accurate billing
Transmitting information to staff on leave status
Minimising the risk of non-compliance with attendance requirements
Definition of working time by position and type of work
Monitoring of actual hours worked
We are here for you

Can we help you?

Our experts can answer any questions, guide you through the Sloneek system and help you transform your HR into a modern all-in-one solution.

  • Superior onboarding
  • Introduction of all functionalities
  • Presentation and offer tailored to your HR
  • Answer any questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other alternatives to GroveHR?

Yes. Trakstar, Bambee, Reviewsnap, Paylocity, ADP Workforce Now are other popular talent management software with a wide range of features specially designed for modern workforce management. However, with standout features and tools like attendance system, time tracking, hybrid team tools, and AI-powered HR assistance, Sloneek leads in automating core HR processes, offering an efficient performance management solution.

What makes Sloneek different from other GroveHR alternatives?

Our robust features simplify tedious administrative tasks. Experience our salient features, supported by a modern interface, data-driven reports, and robust customer service, all managed within a centralized database. These advanced features help businesses manage core HR admin functions, as confirmed by our user reviews and real-time feedback from reputable software review sites like G2 and Getapp

Which tools and platforms can Sloneek integrate with?

Sloneek works with platforms like Slack, JIRA, and Google Workspace. See the full list of our integrations.

How quickly can Sloneek be implemented? Are there any hidden costs involved?

Our payroll software is quick and easy to implement across business segments. And there are no hidden costs associated with our system. Simply subscribe and get on board. Get a detailed breakdown of the implementation process, on our website or get in touch with our customer-friendly support team.

How intuitive is Sloneek's user experience, and is there a knowledge base for support?

Sloneek boasts an intuitive user-friendly interface that ensures even those unfamiliar with HR software can navigate with ease. And, of course, we offer a comprehensive knowledge base and real-time human support to assist users whenever they need help.

Can you provide references from current Sloneek clients?

Sloneek user reviews reveal how far we go to make every client satisfied. our user satisfaction rating on software review sites like G2 showcases our core competencies.

We’ll be happy to connect you with the Sloneek client community for a firsthand review of our notable features and their overall experience with our software.

How does Sloneek leverage AI in its operations?

Our AI-powered payroll software and HR tools have advanced features that offer an automated solution for businesses, streamlining demanding HR tasks, reducing administrative burdens, and enhancing efficiency.

Our smart tools handle time tracking, employee data management, workforce analytics, employee directory, and several other add-on features on a clean interface that make the hiring process, performance management, engagement survey, payroll processing, tax filing, and the entire human resources management system a breeze across business niches, from onboarding to offboarding.

Is there a mobile app available for Sloneek?

Yes, Sloneek has a human resources software app for mobile users who wish to manage their HR tasks on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, providing flexibility and convenience to users.

How comprehensive are Sloneek's reporting and analytics features?

With Sloneek’s robust people analytics, businesses can gain insights into various HR metrics, helping them make informed decisions. On our user-friendly interface, you can monitor performance reviews, catch potential issues early, and optimize HR processes based on the data available, all within our centralized database.