Microlearning, the game-changer in the world of management education


The world of entrepreneurship and business is constantly evolving. Luck favors the prepared. This is especially true in education. What resources can we provide managers for career growth? The solution lies at the tip of your hand: the microlearning method. It is efficient, and highly popular around the world.

Did you know that microlearning is up to ten times more effective than traditional learning methods? Setting aside about 10 to 15 minutes a day for studying is something everyone can find time for. By providing information in short modules, microlearning has been proven to contribute to an increase in retention by 25-60% according to statistics published on the abdalslam.com portal.

What is Microlearning

Microlearning is a method of education that gradually delivers educational content through infographics, short videos, podcasts, etc. Instead of traditional, long, demanding courses, topics are broken into short modules or lessons that can be quickly worked through. Each module focuses on a specific topic or skill and provides compact and relevant information. 

According to Neil Bradbury’s research1, individuals’ attention span drops rapidly after 20 minutes. That’s why it’s vital to break content into short blocks of information that are easily digestible for people who want to learn quickly and efficiently.


Cultivating effective managers is essential

In many countries, including the Czech Republic, we are facing a shortage of quality leaders. Poor leadership in companies can have a negative impact on employees and the overall performance of the organization. Low motivation, poor communication, and unclear direction are consequences of poor leadership. On top of that, working relationships, productivity, and innovation can be compromised as well. Therefore, it is important for managers to invest in education and development in order to become successful leaders.

The use of meaningful development planning, for example, based on competency management, is a systematic and targeted approach to developing and enhancing the skills and capabilities of an individual or an entire organization. Competency management is an approach focusing on identifying, assessing, and developing core competencies in relation to job roles and requirements. Meaningful development planning based on competency management enables individuals and organizations to identify areas that need further development and subsequently design and implement specific development activities that strengthen these competencies.

Did you know that only 17.2% of women in the Czech Republic are in management positions?

Effective development of managers requires a bit of planning – we assess their current skills needed for future career direction within the company. This is precisely what Competency management identifies. To pinpoint areas of enhancement we need to create an individual growth plan for each manager. What should it include? 

  • Setting goals for the manager to achieve.
  • Specific steps to take to achieve the objectives 


By combining competency management and microlearning, we provide managers with everything they need for professional growth. Managers can face challenges and adapt to the rapidly changing world of business and entrepreneurship

The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve  demonstrates that people typically lose 80% of the knowledge they have learned within a month. If the brain doesn’t evaluate the acquired information as crucial, it will drop it over time. This is precisely the problem that the concept of microlearning addresses.

Effective MBA based on microlearning as a way for effective professional development

Traditional training methods often do not suit busy professionals. Lack of time and busyness plays a role in the selection of activities in which they want to invest precious time and money. Fortunately, there is a solution that is also a game-changer in education – microlearning, on which all educational programs at EDU Effective are based. What are the main advantages of such learning?

  1. Microlearning has a positive impact on employee productivity.
  2. It responds to trends and topics in education, so it is suitable for improving the qualification of managers. Examples are micro courses focused on AI and its use in projects, marketing, HR, or cybersecurity.
  3. It is accessible from anywhere – all you need is a mobile phone or laptop. By logging into the application, you can start learning, whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go.
  4. It’s cost-effective, microlearning courses are generally more affordable compared to traditional education methods. This applies even to MBA studies.

According to a LinkedIn survey, 58% of employees find microlearning to be a more effective and easily digestible way of learning.

And one last tip at the end – where to try microlearning:
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