How to write a CV that HR will not miss?


Writing a resume is not a problem for anyone, but writing it correctly and interestingly is a harder nut to crack. A nicely done CV can actually decide whether to go through a quick selection of the HR department and invite you for an interview for the desired position.

Some of us underestimate our CV. The result is that despite the inflated experience, perfect knowledge and education, the resume will be overlooked among dozens or hundreds of others.

What to incorporate in the CV and what not?

 🗝️ Structure is the key to success

Don’t break down all your work experience 10 years ago, focus on the most relevant in the last time period. It is ideal to mention those that are related to the job position you are currently applying for. Write in a structured and passive way. If you do not have previous work experience in this area, remember completed courses or obtained certifications, include your portfolio.

‍⌛ The time sequence gives the work experience the right shape

Start with the “freshest” experience that grabs the HR’s attention first. Proceed chronologically. For example, if you are interested in the position of CFO, but last worked with finance in 1996, I suspect that this information will be ignored by the HR specialist. The most telling information about your work is in recent years.

🔢 Quantify your results

If you have achieved extraordinary results in previous positions, you have received awards, be sure to brag about it. But highlight the most important thing. Just don’t talk about successes, but show them in numbers. Even the greatest triumph sounds better, if you substantiate it with numbers, it will help you stand out from the crowd. What budget did you manage? What impact has the marketing campaign achieved under your leadership? What strategic partnership have you achieved? How many views did the promo video you created reach? How many% have you exceeded your sales quotas? You could go on indefinitely … 🙂

🎓 Don’t forget education

List education chronologically. Start with the highest level of education, do not be afraid to mention what topic you have dealt with in your diploma or dissertation, if it is related to the position you are applying for.

🤘 CV hobbies are grazing today

Instead of mentioning in points – reading, cycling, running, which are just an outdated form of filling the empty space of CVs, try to turn it into an interest. Be unpredictable and specific. For example, remember in short sentences which book you last read you were interested in, or with whom you would like to listen to an interview on Spotify and why its opinions are close to you. There are no limits to creativity.

📷 Photography is a pleasant revival

Seeing a photo on a resume is definitely a pleasant revival. It can help to establish a more personal contact with the HR, but missing a photo should not be a discriminatory factor in any case. In terms of positions, such as the hostess at a cultural event, it can be expected that photography will be a requirement. When choosing a suitable photo, we recommend involving a certain degree of self-reflection. Needless to say, we would not like to see women with deep necklines, proms or wedding veils as HR professionals. We also recommend a simple, ideally monochrome background. Photography should look professional and especially up to date.

📝 References as a significant addition

For every HR, you will definitely “climb” if you attach references from your former employers, bosses, colleagues to your CV. How the nearest work environment perceives you and your work will tell you a lot. Of course, we do not avoid a certain degree of subjectivity, but positive references from the former boss can significantly enrich the first impression.

🎨 Impress with design, avoid stereotypical templates

A CV template, which you will find, for example, on job portals, is certainly a great help. You can be sure that you will not forget any essential information, but on the other hand also that the template “does not play all the music itself”. . Even such a small thing will tell you a lot. You haven’t bothered with your resume, but you really cared. Try using the Canva tool. It offers beautiful free templates 🙂

Júlia Čuláková
Marketing Manager
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