Who are the Best Paycom Competitors In 2024?

Paycom alternatives

Don’t spend days researching the top Paycom competitors for your HR and payroll needs. We’ve done it for you and prepared a comprehensive list of all the details that might help you make the right decision.

In this guide, we’ll provide essential details about each competitor, including the features they offer, pricing information, customer support, and the pros and cons of each Paycom alternative.

What is Paycom?

Paycom empowers employees to take charge of their payroll through Beti, an innovative tool allowing seamless management of PTO, expenses, and benefits. Unlike traditional systems, Paycom’s commitment to simplicity is evident in its single software approach, where data entry happens once and only once. 

This architecture ensures a 24/7 accessible, user-friendly experience, making it a solid among human capital management software solutions. 

With Paycom, the power of one extends beyond the convenience of a single login and password to transforming HR into a strategic powerhouse, freeing up time for impactful organizational initiatives. 

Discover efficiency, accuracy, and security—all in a single software solution with Paycom.

Features: What does Paycom do?

Paycom stands out with a comprehensive array of features designed to elevate HR and payroll operations. 

With the Beti tool, employees efficiently manage payroll tasks, ensuring accuracy and reducing post-payroll corrections. The platform’s dedication to user-centricity extends to 24/7 access for employees, providing a hassle-free experience. 

Key Features:

  • Beti for streamlined employee-driven payroll management
  • 24/7 access to employee information
  • Dedicated service with a single point of contact
  • True single software architecture for data consistency
  • Comprehensive security measures for data protection
  • Freedom for HR to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Seamless user experience with simplified navigation
  • Efficient payroll and HR data management
  • Multiple specialized platforms, including Beti, Vault, Everyday, and more

As you can see there’s a wide array of features to choose from. Paycom is a complex solution that can be tailored to your needs which can impact the final price. 

Why do companies need Paycom?

Employing Paycom software is imperative for companies seeking streamlined HR and payroll operations. 

Companies leverage Paycom software for its transformative impact on HR and payroll management. With features like employee-driven payroll, the software minimizes errors and empowers individuals to oversee their financial details. 

What are the benefits of implementing Paycom? 

The benefits extend to efficient data management, reducing the burden of HR personnel. By embracing Paycom, companies not only streamline payroll processes but also foster a culture of trust, autonomy, and productivity, ultimately positioning HR as a strategic asset rather than a transactional function.

Pricing: What’s the price for implementing Paycom? 

Determining the cost of implementing Paycom requires a personalized approach, as the company doesn’t disclose pricing on its website. 

However, it follows a per-employee, per-month fee model, which may pose challenges for small businesses with limited staff. For an accurate quote, Paycom offers a personalized demo, taking into account specific business requirements. 

It’s essential to note that the set-up fee, covering training and implementation, adds to the overall expense. While this approach ensures tailored solutions, the learning curve and the need for professional assistance may impact the ease of implementation.

Best Paycom competitors

Let’s take a look at the top players that are Paycom competitors and could save you some bucks or time implementing their HR solution. 

1. Sloneek

Introducing Sloneek, an innovative all-in-one HR solution powered by advanced AI technology. 

Sloneek is a platform that streamlines HR operations, eliminating traditional paperwork from onboarding to offboarding, and covering for your other HR needs. 

With an impressive 4.6 rating on Capterra and an outstanding 4.9 on G2, Sloneek has proven its reliability and excellence in the industry. The price depends on your specific needs, but it’s one of the most available tools out there. 

The user-friendly interface and integration of AI set it apart, making it a top choice for businesses of all sizes globally.


Sloneek takes an innovative approach to HR management, prioritizing efficiency and simplicity. 

With an AI-first strategy, it automates up to 90% of routine tasks, enhancing decision-making speed. People Analytics provides objective data for effective team management, presenting graphs and trends to inform decision-makers. The platform’s Smart Recommendations leverage data-driven insights for swift problem-solving. 

Notably, Sloneek excels in HR management for global teams, ensuring adaptability to modern workforce challenges. 

The software distinguishes itself with efficient implementation, free onboarding, and advanced AI features, including an HR AI Assistant and AI-generated job ads.

Comprehensive Features of Sloneek:

  • Core HR
  • Time Management
  • Performance Management
  • People Analytics
  • Hiring and Onboarding
  • Payroll and Finance
  • Onboarding
  • Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Time-Off Management
  • Custom Reports
  • Document Storage
  • Integrations with Various Business Software


Reach out to Sloneek directly for a customized quote that suits your specific needs.

Even though the pricing is not available on the website anymore, Sloneek stands out as one of the most cost-effective HR tools available, offering transparent pricing with no hidden fees. 

You can explore the features by trying their Essential plan for free, which includes an AI assistant, employee records, attendance system, approval of absences, activity and time tracking, document management, contract signing, trust box, and reporting. 

For a comprehensive digitization of your HR processes, the Professional or Custom plan is recommended, and you can contact Sloneek for a personalized quote.

Customer service

Sloneek offers customer support through email and live chat on the website, with various resources available to ensure a seamless experience. 

In any case, there are comprehensive help pages and free ebooks/checklists available for self-assistance. The positive user reviews confirm the effectiveness and satisfaction of customers’ experience with Sloneek’s support team. 

But don’t worry, Sloneek is very easy to navigate and doesn’t require any technical expertise or lengthy training. 

Pros and Cons

AI-Driven Efficiency Focused on HR features
Comprehensive All-in-One
User-Friendly Interface

2. Paychex

Second on our list, we’re introducing Paychex Flex, a leading payroll software provider designed for businesses of all sizes, specializing in small to medium-sized entities. 

What sets Paychex apart are its three distinct qualities: a comprehensive suite of fully automated payroll tools, a robust HR library accessible with every plan, and a PEO solution, Paychex PEO, for enhanced personnel support. 

The user-friendly software, combined with excellent customer support and high-quality employee benefits, positions Paychex as a versatile and scalable solution. With three tailored plans catering to various business needs, Paychex Flex stands out for its simplicity, scalability, and extensive toolset, making it an ideal choice for businesses in their growth journey.


Its fully automated payroll software ensures accurate and timely payroll processing, complemented by an acclaimed mobile app for both employers and employees. 

Key features include:

  • Comprehensive, user-friendly software
  • Scalable plans with customizable payroll and HR tools
  • PEO-level employee benefits
  • Access to a wide range of HR resources
  • 24/7 live support from customer service and HR experts
  • Fully automated payroll with tax administration
  • Well-reviewed mobile payroll app
  • Customizable earning/deduction types
  • Extensive HR features, including hiring and onboarding, time and attendance, and employee benefits
  • Business insurance options


The introductory plan, Paychex Flex Essentials, begins at $39 per month, accompanied by an extra $5 per employee paid monthly. 

For businesses seeking more extensive features, the Flex Select and Flex Pro plans are available, with pricing tailored to individual needs. 

Both Flex Select and Flex Pro require customers to request a custom quote. Additionally, the Paychex HR PEO plan also follows a custom pricing model, ensuring businesses receive tailored solutions aligned with their specific HR requirements.

Customer service

Paychex provides customer support through phone and online resources. 

With live phone and chat support, customers can access assistance from both customer service and HR experts. The availability of dedicated payroll support ensures timely and effective resolution of queries. 

Pros and Cons

Comprehensive HR solutions Additional fees
Flexible pricing Learning curve
Charges by pay run


3. Paylocity

With an array of features spanning cloud-based payroll, HR management, recruiting, and compliance oversight, Paylocity is a Paycom competitor that’s worth a place on our list.

The platform’s commitment to high-end functionality is complemented by its strategic partnership with Blue Marble, enabling global payroll services in over 100 countries. Paylocity targets larger businesses with an emphasis on proactive compliance alerts, a dynamic mobile app, and a wealth of integrations.


Paylocity encompasses automated global payroll, intricate expense tracking, and versatile time management. Its commitment to compliance shines with proactive alerts and a real-time news feed. 

Key features include:

  • Automated, full-service global payroll in 100+ countries
  • Expense management system with automatic tracking and approvals
  • Robust time tracking, attendance, and scheduling software
  • Comprehensive online tax resources for seamless year-end preparation
  • Learning management system with customizable courses


Paylocity offers a range of pricing plans tailored to meet diverse business needs. 

While the specific pricing details are not publicly available and require a custom quote, Paylocity is known for its scalability and customization, making it suitable for medium to large enterprises. 

There’s an implementation fee included, and according to some sources on the internet, it’s one of the most expensive options on our list. 

Customer service

Paylocity offers options for telephone support and assistance for various user roles like employees, administrators, and clients. While specific technical documentation may not be readily available on their website, users can rely on direct communication channels for prompt assistance.

Pros and cons

Payroll in over 100 countries Limited hiring tools
Diverse integration options Extra costs for tax filing
Costly implementation fee

4. Paycor

Paycor is one of the best HR and payroll solutions when you look at Paycom competitors. It’s effectively competing with industry leaders and tries to focus on larger companies. 

Paycor adopts a manager-centric approach, offering an integrated HR solution with robust analytics and compliance tools. 

Despite a slightly higher entry cost, its advanced plans emerge as competitive options, delivering extensive features. From intuitive software to seamless time tracking and unlimited pay runs, Paycor is worth a place on our list. 


The HR toolkit, available in higher-tier plans, encompasses hiring, onboarding, talent management, and employee satisfaction tools. 

Uncover the power of learning management, allowing flexible handling of classroom learning, online classes, and self-paced learning on both desktop and mobile devices. 

Paycor’s deep analytics tools provide actionable insights, from payroll expenses to employee satisfaction, turnover, and even predictive resignation features.

Key features include:

  • Seamless payroll and expense management
  • Comprehensive HR toolkit (hiring, onboarding, talent management)
  • Learning management module for diverse learning approaches
  • Advanced analytics tools for in-depth insights
  • Intuitive mobile app for convenient employee and manager access


Paycor offers transparent pricing plans tailored to businesses of varying sizes. 

For small businesses with up to 49 employees, starting at $99 per month plus $5 per employee, the Basic plan covers payroll essentials, tax services, and compliance tools. 

As needs expand, the Essential, Core, and Complete plans, priced from $149 to $199 per month with additional per-employee fees, unlock a spectrum of HR features, including onboarding, PTO tracking, expense management, and advanced analytics. 

Businesses with more than 50 employees can opt for custom pricing by contacting Paycor’s sales team, ensuring scalability and flexibility.


Owning an HR software like Paycom or its competitors brings tangible benefits. Paycom’s single software architecture ensures 24/7 accessibility, fostering an efficient, user-friendly HR experience. 

Its Beti tool streamlines employee-driven payroll management, minimizing errors and promoting data consistency. The software empowers individuals, reducing HR workload and cultivating a culture of trust and productivity. While its pricing is per employee, Paycom competitors like Sloneek offer cost-effective options with AI-driven efficiency and comprehensive HR features

Paychex provides versatile HR solutions with scalable plans, and Paylocity targets larger businesses with global payroll services. Paycor, focusing on larger enterprises, offers a manager-centric approach, integrated HR solutions, and extensive features.

The best cost-effective advanced HR tool for all teams – Sloneek

A solid standalone solution for midsize businesses – Paychex

The most complex global HR solution – Paylocity

A robust standalone solution for mid to large enterprises – Paycor

Let us know to get the best deal for the best Paycom alternative!