Securing Sloneek

And your data, of course. 

We take it seriously!

We are not just talking about complying with the applicable legal standards, we are talking about more. About your data. And even though 100% protection does not exist, we do our best to ensure that no one gets access to the information you have in Sloneek. But it also means that you will not give or “lend” your login details to anyone.

System security

he Sloneek application uses HTTPS security, which prevents eavesdropping on data during its transfer between the user’s machine and our server. The passwords of all users are encrypted and securely stored so that we do not have access to them either. We run the application on a secure and separate cloud infrastructure from AWS (Amazon Web Services) in Frankfurt, Germany. We regularly backup Sloneek and it is protected by a firewall.

For video calls, we use secure open source solutions running on dedicated bar metal servers in Contabo in Germany.

Payment details

All card transactions are executed through the secured and verified STRIPE  payment gateway. Your credit card information is not recorded anywhere.


Of course, Sloneek is subject to GDPR regulations. You can get acquainted in detail with our privacy policy in the documentation HERE.

Details during registration

Before approving your registration, you will have the opportunity to read the Personal Data Processing Agreement and Sloneek Terms of Use. There you will find a detailed specification of everything you need. By agreeing, we will mutually confirm that we understand everything and will abide by it.

If you would like to know more, please contact us by email, we will be happy to answer your questions.

Technologies we use