How to postpone public holidays from a weekend to a working day?

    Learn what to do when public holidays in your country move from the weekend to a working day.

    There are countries where if public holidays fall on the day or days of the weekend (Saturday or/and Sunday), the holiday shall be observed on the following working day or days (Monday and Tuesday). How to take care of this in Sloneek?

    Basically, you have got two options:

    1. Create an annual working hours type. With this type of working hours, you have an option to select which days are working days and which ones are not. However, this approach can be time wasting because you need to go day by day for the whole year. 
    2. Create a new absence of type Free time. Call it e.g. Postponed public holidays, set it up without any annual fund and assign it to your users. 

    We prefer the second solution because all you have to do later is to publish a new announcement on the dashboard to tell your users to enter this absence into their calendars for specific dates.

    When they do it, you just approve all requests it in bulk. If you do not trust your users (🙂), you may also enter this absence for them yourself. 


    You operate in Albania, Europe. According to the law, when the public holiday(s) fall(s) on a weekend, it is automatically moved to Monday and Tuesday. This case occurs on 31 Mar 2024, which is a Saturday. Therefore, the public holiday moves to Monday (2 Apr).

    1. Create a new absence Postponed public holidays as instructed above. 
    2. Assign this absence to users operating in Albania.
    3. On the dashboard, post an announcement for your Albanian colleagues with a similar message: Dear colleagues, please all of you enter the Postponed public holidays absence into your calendars on 2 Apr 2024. 
    4. When your colleagues proceed, go to the Approvals section and approve all awaiting requests in bulk.
    5. Repeat if there are more moving public holidays in a given year.