Writing AI (Chatgpt) prompts to get superb results

    Critical components of the best prompts.

    In this article, you will briefly read what structure a prompt for AI should have in general to generate the best possible results for you. If you are interested in specific examples of prompts for various modules and functionalities in the application, go to this article.

    What should the prompt look like?

    Creating a universal guide on how to write a prompt (command) for AI is not easy, and something may work a little differently for everyone. Even so, there are some basic rules and tips to help you get the answers you’re looking for. We will analyze them step by step below using an example below.

    Prompt: [Act as a recruiter]. Generate an [appealing job offer] for an [SDR manager]. We are [Daleoo, SaaS in the HR industry], [located in Germany], and our goal is to [conquer Europe with our innovative HR software]. 

    Prompt breakdown

    As the example shows, we are looking for a new SDR manager for our growing company. We have put variables in square brackets that you can replace appropriately depending on which prompt you are currently creating for which module.

    1. Imagine that you are… Or also: Act as… This information will give the AI a foothold in its role and clearly set the boundaries within which it should move. In our case, we are looking for a new SDR manager for the company, so we want the AI to behave like a pro recruiter.
    2. Generate for me… Here it is necessary to clearly describe what exactly we want to get from the AI. In our case, an irresistible job offer. Other examples could be: 10 key skills for…, 2-5 key results for our objective… etc.. 
    3. It is always essential to define in the prompt for which position you need to generate a job offer, skills or key results. This gives the AI the context it needs and gives you more relevant outputs. In our case, it is the position of SDR manager..
    4. At the same time, also briefly define and describe who you are. Thanks to this, the AI will once again gain an even better context and awareness of the environment in which you operate. So in our case, we want AI to work with the fact that our company is called Daleoo and that we operate as a SaaS in the HR industry..
    5. Localization of the prompt is also often important and necessary. AI will, for example, generate a list of benefits for a company from the USA differently for a job offer and differently for a company based in Slovakia..  
    6. At the end, you can also add additional information about your company, its direction or goals. Again, the rule of thumb is that the more detailed you describe everything, the more accurate the results you will get. So in our case, we need AI to work with the fact that we want to conquer Europe with our innovative product.

    Outcome and general recommendations

    In the image below, you can see how AI helped us create a job offer based on the prompt we entered:

    Snímek obrazovky 2023-09-15 105352


    • It is always useful to write the propmt as detailed as possible so that the AI has as much information as possible.
    • Don’t like the first output? Try slightly modifying the prompt and generating it again!
    • Don’t take the AI output as something that cannot be touched. Your human intervention and common sense is still extremely valuable. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments.😊