Release log (10 /2022)

    There are a number of major changes, new features and bug fixes in this update.

    user team_manager admin-EN

    1) We have redesigned MENU

    The menu includes a OTHER section, under which you can find the User Profile, and a new Checklists section.

    user team_manager admin-EN

    2) Added functionality of on/off boarding checklists

    In general, with minor exceptions, the functionality is about the same as in the web app.

    Specific functionality of the mobile app:

    • you cannot edit a task in the mobile app
    • Checklist cannot be edited
    • the mobile app can only change task statuses
    • via the ‘status’ drop-down list in the task details.
    • drag&drop in kanban

    Any user regardless of role can see:

    • checklist
    • task listing

    A user with the Administrator role can see all tasks. A user with the Team Manager role can see all tasks of the team. A user with the User role can only see his/her own tasks.

    user team_manager admin-EN
    3) Bug fixes

    Finally, we haven’t forgotten about fixing bugs that occurred in the application. Thank you for reporting them!