Release log 3.22 (11/20/2023)

    Editing of custom fields by users, changes in chart design and other minor improvements.


    🗓 For the next release (18 Dec) we are preparing to connect Sloneek with FaceUp, which will cover your legal obligations in the context of whistleblowing.

    New features:

    1) Editing custom fields by users

    Kreslicí plátno 2_1all users

    We have listened to your requests and have now added the ability for users to edit their own fields. If you have a custom field set to be visible to regular users, then users can edit it as well. However, any such changes are subject to administrator approval. 

    Other improvements:

    1) Colour scales for competences

    Kreslicí plátno 2_2admin-EN

    To make the competency assessment easier and clearer, we have made it possible to add a colour to each value on the scale:

    Snímek obrazovky 2023-11-15 v 8.18.51

    2) Gender field

    Kreslicí plátno 2_2all users

    We have added a field for entering gender to the Personal Information tab of each user’s folder. This data will also be transferred to HR analytics later.

    3) Objective deadline as an optional entry

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    Until now, you had to add a deadline for each goal in the Evaluation / Performance section. We have removed this obligation, and now the deadline is only required for key results that show progress towards the main objective.

    4) New chart design

    Kreslicí plátno 2_2admin-EN

    We’ve unified the visuals of the charts in HR analytics and slightly tweaked their style to make them more efficient for you to work with:


    ➕ Minor bug fixes

    Last but not least, we have not forgotten to fix the bugs that occurred in the application. Thank you for reporting them! 👍