Release log 3.23 (12/18/2023)

    Whistleblowing integration, new payroll report, large user data export or editing of time tracked activities. Read on to see what’s new. 👇

    1) Integration with the whistleblowing platform FaceUp

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    We have developed a new integration to implement and manage whistleblower protection through the FaceUp platform. Detailed information on setting up the integration can be found in the article here.

    Snímek obrazovky 2023-12-18 v 9.53.23

    2) Modifying activity entered via time tracking

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    We have added the ability to set up editing of activity that is entered using time tracking. However, this option must be set in the activity details. Detailed information about the settings can be found in the article here.

    3) Large User overview report

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    We have prepared a new report with the possibility to export data from user folders. You can find it in Reports / Other / User Overview.

    Similar to other comprehensive reports, you can predefine the information to export. You may include work details, payroll information or personal data such as addresses here. On top of that, you can add your custom user fields into this report.

    Snímek obrazovky 2023-12-18 v 13.58.59

    This report will allow us to eliminate the extended view of the user list, thus significantly speeding up its loading. For now, however, both views of the user list (simplified and expanded) will remain on, with only the simplified view remaining over time. Snímek obrazovky 2023-12-16 v 11.22.18

    You can find out more about this report in the article here.

    4) Complex payroll report

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    Another new report is the Complex payroll report. This includes information about the working funds, drawn absences, entered activities or attendance for each user. You may also find remuneration data in this report.

    This report should provide you with a comprehensive basis for seamless payroll processing and significantly speed up your work.

    Snímek obrazovky 2023-12-18 v 12.39.21

    You can find out more about this report in the article here.

    5) New ATS indicators in HR analytics

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    We have added additional Time to hire and Average time to hire metrics to HR analytics. For a detailed look at HR analytics, see the article here.

    Other improvements

    📍We have added the option to add two decimal places to the fields where currency is used.

    📍In the Quick Overview we have added two decimal places to the balance.

    📍We have expanded the prompt entry line for AI. Its size dynamically changes according to the size of the text entered in the prompt.

    📍The mobile app has been extended to support Polish.

    ➕ Minor bug fixes

    Last but not least, we have not forgotten to fix the bugs that occurred in the application. Thank you for reporting them! 👍 

    This time we choose a few of them so you don’t have to look for them:

    📍Manager didn’t have the possibility to automatically approve his own events (absence, activity).

    📍No address and locations displayed on map in pre-hire packets.

    📍Invalidly displayed number of days absent when entering it in the dialogue window.

    📍Inability to enter absences for public holidays when using annual working hours.

    📍In the mobile app, the loading of the “Who is not at work today” field has been corrected.

    📍Fixed incorrect link when clicking the Back button in reports.