The magic formula of know-how. Hard to measure and highly abstract. In simple terms, however, know-how is a deep and exhaustive knowledge of your industry, service, product or process. However, interpersonal skills and soft skills must also be added to the cocktail.

An experienced trader probably has a set of knowledge and skills that have guaranteed successful sales. An elite poker player, on the other hand, probably has a perfect knowledge of the game and a mastery of the psychological nature of the game. And an excellent HR manager? He or she is in charge of the company’s HR policy and strategy. But since a good HR manager also needs to understand people, he or she can use his or her approach to ensure that all departments work together and that employees are happy at work. 😌

Thanks to Sloneek, acquiring know-how is much easier. The application collects a large amount of data and information for you and puts the right data in your hands for effective process management.