Contracts and documents

Online library of company documents with the possibility of assigning them to specific users, confirmation of reading and electronic signing.

  • Signing of contracts (eIDAS)

    Legally enforceable signing of electronic documents.

  • Company-wide documents

    Easily accessible binding documents that all employees should be aware of.

  • Personal documents folder

    Secure storage for sensitive employee documents.

  • Confirmation of reading

    Assurance that important internal documents will get the attention they deserve.


Working aids

Accurate records of work tools and other small assets that you entrust to your employees.

  • Overview of support

    Managers and employees know exactly what they will have to pay back one day.

  • Transfer workflow

    The receipt of the utility is confirmed by the employee with an eIDAS ready signature.

  • History aids

    Each gadget has a history from acquisition to retirement.

  • Import of data

    Widgets can be easily imported from an Excel spreadsheet.


Trust box

The electronic, fully anonymous tool for reporting serious situations in the company is fully compliant with whistleblowing legislation.

  • 100% anonymous submission

    We guarantee absolute anonymity of the message submitter.

  • Transparent beneficiaries

    Before sending, the sender can see who will receive their message.


Audit log

Complete records of every operation that has happened in the application. Only application administrators have access to the complete Audit log.

  • Filters

    Quickly filter only the operations you want to explore.

  • Exports

    Data can be conveniently exported to CSV and Excel.

  • Search

    You can only search for the operations of a specific user or group.

  • Immutability

    The audit log cannot be deleted or changed.

One source of information for all users.

Digitizing documents and processes will simplify life for your company.

For HR professionals

Digitising the agenda

Move your paper binder to the cloud.

For the legal department

Digital archive of contracts

You get quick access to all contracts.

For employees

Everything at hand

You will be able to keep track of the work equipment entrusted to you.

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