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🤖 ChatGPT artificial intelligence has arrived in HR.
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  • Records of working time
  • Bringing order to the administration
  • Records of time worked
  • Shift planning
  • Work statements
  • Integration with Slack and Jira

Whether you run a modern coffee shop or you’re a technology company, Sloneek will provide exactly what you need, at a reasonable price, and in a beautiful graphic design.

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Records of working time

You need to have a simple overview of the hours worked by your tribal employees to support payroll and any checks by the authorities. Sloneek automatically generates a timesheet based on each employee’s set working hours and their approved absences.

Order in the administration

I’m sure you use many cloud services, storage and collaboration tools. So do we. Even so, we have found that there are not many tools on the market to help us keep our binding documents and working tools in order. That’s why we developed the Help and Documents modules. With them, you know exactly who has and hasn’t signed which document, which employees are assigned work aids and what condition they’re in.

Time tracking

If you also work with freelancers, you need to have a simple tool that allows them to record the time they are paid for. All this for a fraction of the price of comparable foreign solutions. If you need to export events to another system, we have a well-described API that makes it easy. The same applies to the entry of reported work.

Shift planning

Maybe you hold an emergency or generally need to have specific people allocated to specific activities. That’s why there’s the Activities module, where users with the Scheduler role can schedule work for others.

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