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Entering work attendance

Employees simply enter their arrivals and departures via a modern interface in a mobile app, attendance terminal or web browser.

  • Web interface and mobile apps
  • View arrivals and departures in the calendar
  • Any number of monitored sites
  • One or more terminals per location
  • Outsourcing work from home and business travel
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Activity planning and time tracking

You can plan activities directly in the calendar, where they are clearly displayed. Here you can edit them or add new ones. Time tracking works like a smart stopwatch on the web and on your phone, or you can manually enter the time worked into calendar.

  • Shift planning
  • Planning business trips
  • Emergency planning
  • Evidence home office
  • Stopwatch via web and mobile interface
  • Creating an entry via calendar
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Time sheet of hours worked

A clear dashboard of hours worked on individual projects serves as a quick managerial overview as a basis for more efficient work planning and maximum utilisation of project-oriented positions as well as a basis for client billing.

  • Managerial overview
  • Effective activity planning
  • Documentation for invoicing
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Team calendar of activities

The work of teammates is clearly displayed in the team calendar, where they can comment, "like" or add an attachment to the activities. Depending on the setting, some activities may be subject to manager approval.

  • Approval of activities by the manager
  • Commenting and liking statements
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Hourly cost and billing price

Each activity performed by a particular user may have a maximum monthly or annual pool of hours as well as an hourly cost rate and an hourly billing rate. This will let you know exactly whether you are within your approved budget.

  • Individual setting of hourly rates
  • Monthly and annual user activity fund
  • Monitoring the profitability of the work done
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Documentation for invoicing

All the activities entered into the reports clearly show the costs incurred, the amounts to be invoiced, and the expected amounts to be invoiced by subcontractors. For core employees, it can also be used to compare against their monthly time pool.

  • Detailed list of registered activities
  • Summary of work for the period
  • Monthly calendar of time worked
  • Comparison with working time pool

Mobile Time tracking

Time tracking activities can be easily recorded using the mobile app. You get an overview and your managers the ability to gracefully approve their subordinates' time.

  • Start - Stop

    Starting and ending the measurement of the duration of work activity.

  • Overview of time worked

    Employees track their time worked.

  • Approval of activities by managers

    The notification prompts the manager for quick approval.

  • Comments on activities

    Activities can be annotated in detailed calendar view.

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All users
  • Interactive calendar of activities
  • Enter time tracking via mobile app
  • Enter time tracking via web application
  • Entering activities in the calendar forward and backward
  • Categorisation of activities
  • Change the start and end of an activity by dragging it on the calendar
  • Inserting a note with an attachment
  • Report preview – individual time tracking activities
  • Report preview – summary of activities, comparison with working time pool
  • Preview of the report – calendar of activities, comparison with the working time pool
  • Preview your subordinates’ interactive calendar
  • Adding a comment to an activity
  • Adding an attachment to an activity
  • Preview of subordinate reports with export to Excel
  • Hide the module from selected users
  • Edit time tracking of all users
  • Creating new code lists
  • Manage time tracking activity categories
  • Individual time tracking settings for selected users
  • Setting hourly price to invoice for each activity
  • Setting hourly cost price for each activity
  • Definition of custom activity colours
  • Language translations of tracked event names
  • Generation of the activity summary report including comparison with the working time pool
  • Generate calendar report of activities
  • Export reports to CSV, XML, XLS
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