Working hours and absences

Fully configurable solution for calculating the net time pool based on holidays, public holidays and approved absences.

  • Clear team calendar

    Everyone has an overview of the presence or absence of colleagues in the team.

  • Calculation of drawdowns and balances

    They all know how much leave they have already taken and how much is left.

  • Approval workflow

    Team managers approve the absences of their subordinates.

  • Synchronisation with calendars

    Link your absence calendar to Google and Microsoft 365 calendars.


Electronic attendance

A modern corporate attendance system that puts minimal strain on employees while providing a perfect overview of how your people get to work.

  • Simple environment

    Attendance is very user-friendly, with no training required.

  • Locations

    Arrivals and departures may be linked to geolocation.

  • Working time fund

    The time worked is compared with the working time pool of each employee.

  • Terminals

    You can create the attendance terminal from any tablet or computer.


Time tracking and shifts

Time tracking with the time tracking method with extremely flexible settings that can be used for all types of working relationships. With easy shift planning.

  • Working time tracking

    Classic stopwatch with predefined activities and their categorization.

  • Team calendar

    Team members and managers have an overview of their colleagues' activities.

  • Approval of activities

    Team managers can approve subordinates' time spent on activities.

  • Simple planning

    Rest days affect the use of the annual absence pool.

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Mobile time recording

Employees can control all actions related to time records and absences from the convenience of their mobile phone.

  • Entering arrivals and departures

    Attendance control, with precise geolocation.

  • Applications for leave

    Submit application to for approval.

  • Time tracking

    Measurement and of time worked by activity.

  • Overviews

    Absentee balances and time worked in simple overview.

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