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  • Records of working time
  • Bringing order to the administration
  • Records of time worked
  • Attendance for staff and students
  • Excusing pupil absences
  • Work statements
  • Records of loans

Attendance for staff and students

Sloneekattendance policy is one of the most flexible on the market and current deployment in many educational institutions confirms that it is suitable for them. Using the Attendance module, it is very easy to enter arrivals and departures – we have many options for this, such as terminal and smart cards, web and mobile applications, or the state-of-the-art fully automatic attendance recording by scanning the institution’s computer network.

The same module Attendance can be successfully used for monitoring the attendance of students or members of children’s groups. Often this type of attendance is required by funders of educational facilities.

Excusing pupil absences

The Activities module can also be used to record student excuses. In this case, parents are given access to the application, where they create an event in the Activity module’s overview calendar, which is immediately shared with the corresponding class teacher or group leader. He/she can approve the event and provide feedback to the parents about the acceptance of the excuse. You can also attach comments and files to these electronic excuse slips – for example, a doctor’s note.


Records of loans

In Sloneek, you can record loans of various equipment, including books. Sloneek works with common barcode scanners, so you can turn Sloneekinto a tool for your school library in a matter of moments using the Tools module.

What do our customers say about us?


"Sloneek has helped to digitise and simplify many HR processes in our group and thus reduce the overall TCO. At the same time, they share our common vision of IT: to work anytime, anywhere."


Digital & Data Director | EDUA Group

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