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Use of absence requests

Employees enter their absence requests via a clear team calendar, where they can also see the absences of their colleagues. Sloneek monitors available balances and will not allow overdrafts.

  • Overview of each employee's balances
  • Monitoring the available absence fund
  • Team calendar
  • Monthly reports by email

Approval workflow

Absences are approved in a clear team calendar with the ability to attach comments and  picture attachments.

  • Approval by one or more supervisors
  • Overview in the team calendar
  • Weekly management reports by email
  • Event detail with chat and attachments

Flexible reports

All important statistics are easily accessible in fully configurable reports. You can define custom views, create contingency tables and export data to Excel.

  • Monthly working time fund
  • Summary of absence drawdowns and balances
  • Overview of used absence events
  • Reports integrated with attendance and time tracking

Individual settings

The absences can be configured so that their availability and usage options exactly match with the company's policy and legislation.

  • Funds available for use
  • Setting up the approval process
  • Individual use above the standard limit
  • Switching overtime to extra leave

Working time fund

Each employee has his/her own individually defined working hours which determine his/her monthly fund. This will give you an overview of working time with respect to the rest days and approved absences.

  • Individual working hours of employees
  • Definition of working time for each day of the year
  • Definition of working time for each day of the week
  • Calculation of the working time fund
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Mobile Absence Management

Employees can apply for leave purely by visiting via the mobile app. And managers can approve her as well. Simply, in mobile.

  • Overview of available holidays

    Employees have an overview of their leave usage.

  • Applications for leave

    Sending the application form to for approval by the supervisor.

  • Approval

    Managers approve absences in the team calendar.

  • Overviews

    Absenteeism and time worked in one place.

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Choosing the Best Absence Tracking Software

In modern workplaces, efficient absence tracking is essential for streamlined operations. As businesses evolve, so does the need for an advanced absence management solution to manage employee absences effectively.

In this article, we discuss the crucial factors to consider when choosing the best absence tracking software, ensuring your organization stays ahead in fostering productivity and maintaining a healthy work environment.

What is Absence Tracking?

Absence tracking, facilitated by advanced solutions like absence tracking software, is a comprehensive approach to monitoring and managing employee attendance within an organization.

This system, often referred to as an absence tracker or absence management software, goes beyond simple record-keeping, offering a sophisticated toolset to streamline the entire process of employee absence tracking.

Why do companies need an absence tracker?

An absence tracker provides a centralized platform for recording, monitoring, and analyzing employees’ time off, whether it’s for vacation, sick leave, or other reasons.

An effective absence tracking system automates the tracking process, reducing manual workload and minimizing errors. This empowers businesses to gain valuable insights into attendance patterns, optimize workforce management, and ensure compliance with organizational policies, making it an important component for maintaining a productive and harmonious work environment.

How does an automated absence tracking platform work?

An automated absence tracking platform streamlines the process by digitally recording and managing employee attendance. Employees can submit leave requests through the system, which supervisors can then approve or deny.

The platform updates in real-time, maintaining an accurate record of accrued leave, used days, and remaining balances. Automated notifications remind employees and supervisors of pending requests, ensuring timely responses. This enhances efficiency, minimizes errors associated with manual tracking, and provides valuable data for strategic workforce planning.

Overall, the automated absence tracking platform simplifies the entire absence management process, promoting transparency and compliance with organizational policies.

What are the key global absence tracker features?

Some of the key features to look for in an attendance tracking tool are:

1. Global Accessibility

A robust employee absence tracker should offer cloud-based global accessibility, allowing users to manage and monitor employee attendance from any location. This feature ensures real-time updates and collaboration, crucial for multinational organizations with diverse work environments.

2. Multi-Language Support

To cater to diverse workforces, the attendance management software should support multiple languages. This ensures clear communication and user-friendly interactions, fostering inclusivity and understanding across global teams.

3. Compliance Management

The attendance tracker should feature automated compliance management, keeping abreast of diverse international labour laws and company policies. This ensures that time off requests and approvals align with regional regulations, minimizing legal risks and promoting consistency in absence management.

4. Integration Capabilities

Seamless integration with other HR and payroll systems is essential. This feature allows for efficient data exchange, reducing manual data entry and enhancing overall organizational efficiency.

Employee Absence Tracking in Excel vs Sloneek

1. Data Management

Sloneek streamlines absence tracking with automated data management. This cloud-based solution eliminates manual data entry, ensuring accuracy in tracking employee leave balances and simplifying the overall absence management process.

Managing employee absences in Excel often involves manual data entry, leading to errors and increased administrative workload. Excel lacks automation, making it time-consuming and prone to inaccuracies in tracking leave balances and patterns.

2. Collaboration

Sloneek promotes real-time collaboration, allowing supervisors and team members to access and update absence information instantly. This feature enhances communication and coordination, especially in dynamic work environments with remote or globally dispersed teams.

Excel operates in silos, hindering real-time collaboration. Coordinating leave approvals and updates becomes challenging, especially in organizations with multiple departments or teams spread across different locations.

3. Reporting & Documentation

Sloneek provides comprehensive reporting tools, offering insights into types of absences, trends, and patterns. This feature helps in strategic workforce planning and supports organizations in making informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date absence data.

On the other hand, Excel files can be prone to version control problems, causing confusion when multiple users access and update the same spreadsheet simultaneously. This can result in data discrepancies and a lack of a single source of truth.

4. Integration Capabilities

Unlike Excel, Sloneek seamlessly integrates with other HR and payroll systems. This ensures data consistency and eliminates the need for duplicate entries, creating a more efficient and error-free absence tracking process.


In the ever-evolving landscape of workforce management, the choice between traditional Excel-based employee attendance tracking and innovative solutions like Sloneek becomes pivotal.

While Excel relies on manual data entry and lacks collaborative efficiency, Sloneek emerges as a powerful tool for streamlined, automated absence management. With features such as real-time collaboration, comprehensive reporting, and seamless integration, Sloneek not only simplifies the process but also elevates the accuracy and strategic value of absence tracking.

Frequently asked questions

How to use absence tracking in your organization?

Implementing absence tracking in your organization involves selecting a reliable software solution like Sloneek. Begin by configuring the system to capture crucial data such as employee attendance records, leave balances, and upcoming absences. Leverage employee self-service features to empower your workforce to submit absence requests seamlessly and check their upcoming scheduled leaves.

Utilize advanced features for accurate time tracking, allowing for a comprehensive overview of employee attendance patterns. The system should also facilitate the tracking of unplanned absences, providing real-time insights. Ensure the software integrates seamlessly with your existing HR infrastructure for a unified approach to workforce management.

Why does my company need a sophisticated absence tracking system?

A sophisticated absence tracking system is important for several reasons. It automates and streamlines the absence management process, reducing the likelihood of errors associated with manual tracking. This efficiency leads to substantial time savings and increased employee productivity.

The system also provides advanced features like employee self-service, enabling staff to submit absence requests and track their time effortlessly.

What is the price of implementing absence tracking software?

The cost of implementing absence tracking software varies based on factors such as the size of your organization, the features included in the software package, and whether it is a cloud-based or on-premises solution. Many providers offer tiered pricing plans to cater to different business needs.

Is Sloneek a suitable attendance software for startups?

Yes, Sloneek is well-suited for startups looking to establish efficient absence tracking from the outset. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features like employee self-service, startups can seamlessly manage absence requests, track time, and maintain attendance records.

The scalability of Sloneek ensures that as a startup grows, the absence tracking system can adapt to evolving needs. The ability to monitor upcoming absences and address unplanned leaves provides startups with a proactive approach to workforce management.

Considering the dynamic nature of startups, Sloneek offers the flexibility and functionality required to lay a strong foundation for absence tracking while prioritizing employee satisfaction and organizational agility.