Entering time and attendance

Employees simply enter their arrivals and departures through a modern interface on a mobile app, attendance terminal or web browser. You can use any tablet or even an older, discarded computer as a terminal.

  • Mobile app, web interface

  • View arrivals and departures in the calendar

  • Any number of monitored locations

  • One or more terminals per site

  • Card readers can be used, but are not required


Easier communication

Each arrival and departure has its own detail panel where users can communicate with their supervisor about the event. Ideal for excusing a late arrival, or attaching a doctor's note without sending emails.

  • The manager can see the attendance of his subordinates

  • Chat window for each event

  • The chat can mention the user who will receive a notification

  • It is possible to attach a picture attachment to the event



Reporting attendance is easy, but if needed, very complex reports can be created and saved for future use. Even interventions on the attendance of subordinates are recorded and saved in the audit log.

  • Overview of user arrivals and departures

  • Summary of user and team attendance

  • Monthly attendance calendar

  • Reports integrated with timesheets

  • Full customization of reports

  • Quick exports to Excel

  • Contingency tables and charts

  • Audit log of all events

Attendance_ Settings

Individual system settings

With the use of dials, attendance can be set up to suit the needs of each company and their users. It is very easy to combine the use of terminals with the entry of attendance via the mobile app.

  • Possibility to hide attendance for selected users

  • Dial for naming departures

  • Leaving the workplace with continuation of working hours

  • Operation of own attendance terminals

01 iphone-rovný

Mobile attendance

Enter arrivals and departures without the need for an attendance terminal - simply, just use the geolocated mobile app.

  • Arrivals and departures

    One-button registration of attendance events.

  • Pairing with locations

    Each attendance event is registered to a company location.

  • Comments on events

    Excuses and supervisor praise directly in the calendar.

  • Attendance reports

    Everyone knows exactly how much they have worked.

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All users
  • Interactive attendance calendar
  • Integrated attendance calendar (attendance, absence, working hours and other resources)
  • Entry of attendance events – arrival / departure / leaving for work errands
  • Entering an attendance event via the mobile app
  • Entering an attendance event via the web app
  • Entering an attendance event via terminal and card or chip
  • Completing a missing departure from the previous working day
  • Inserting event notes
  • Inserting event comments (excuse, explanation, etc.)
  • Inserting an attachment to events (e.g. doctor’s note)
  • Generating a token for attendance generated based on network activity
  • Preview of time worked for today’s day and the current month
  • Previewing the time worked for the last 6 months in a graph
  • Report preview – individual events
  • Report preview – summary of time worked, comparison with time pool
  • Report preview – time worked calendar, comparison with working time pool
  • Preview of interactive calendar and integrated calendar of your subordinates
  • Add a comment to an event (e.g. response to a subordinate’s excuse)
  • Adding an attachment to an event
  • Edit the start and end of a subordinate’s attendance event
  • Closing a subordinate’s attendance segment if they have not entered a leave
  • Preview your subordinates’ reports with export to Excel
  • Hide module from selected users
  • Edit attendance events for all users
  • Create new attendance event dials for custom categorization of departure type
  • Definition of custom event colors to be reflected in calendars and action buttons
  • Definition of custom language translations for event names
  • Generation of attendance event reports
  • Generation of attendance summary report including comparison with time pool
  • Generation of calendar attendance report
  • Export reports to CSV, XML, XLS