Personal profile

Each app user can create a personal profile, which provides everything one needs to work on their personal development and engagement with the company. A wide range of setting options allows to involve employees in all positions.

  • Detailed personal profile

  • Documents a Assets

  • Working hours

  • Salary log

  • Creation of custom fields


Organizational structure

Create you teams with convenience, assign managers and rank-and-file members to them, download and share the final organisational scheme immediately. Managers receive an immediate access to all the information about the team members they supervise.

  • Create, export and print organisational schemes

  • Set up team managers

  • Team member dates and anniversaries

  • Internal contact book


Bulk events

Setup and management of users is an easy step, and what is more, it can be boosted significantly through mass events, integration with the most widely used platforms, and of course, through imports and exports to your Excel.

  • Bulk edits

  • Exports to Excel

  • Imports of users

  • Integration with Microsoft 365 unit

  • Integration with Google Workspace

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Mobile employee directory

You'll have all your employees together in a clear phone book, with the ability to view detailed cards and management reports.

  • Phone book

    Control attendance, with accurate geolocation.

  • Management reports

    Sending a request for absence approval.

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All users
  • Change of password to enter the application
  • Overview of your personal data
  • Edit of basic contact details
  • Change of a profile picture
  • Preview of team structure
  • Internal contact book
  • On-line chat
  • Change of the language in the application (Czech, Slovak, English, German, French)
  • Connection with Google Calendar
  • Overview of personal audit log
  • Access to online help, live support and knowledge database
  • Setup of column order in reports, filters, sorting
  • Saving and later upload of own report views
  • Overview of employee personal data
  • Company details settings
  • Active module settings
  • Settings of the module visibility for all users
  • User management, including extended personal data
  • Management of user roles
  • Management of teams in organisational schemes
  • Manage module visibility for individual users
  • Management and assignment of global labels
  • Management and assignment of custom fields for users/teams
  • Billing and credit card settings
  • Previews and downloading of invoices in PDF format
  • Preview of company-wide audit log
  • Preview of the control screen that controls the correct application settings
  • Food coupons management