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Corporate vacancies, attendance, and much more

Keep your employees pack together

Employee records

Database of employee records. Easily add, search, and modify employee’s records. Intuitive UI, flexible settings.

Vacation approvals

Vacation approvals process within the application replaces obsolete paper requests. Clean environment, detailed reports.

Corporate attendance

The state-of-the-art solution for corporate attendance on the market with both web and mobile applications, using localisation by GPS or network infrastructure.


Planning of shifts, reporting, and timesheets. Time tracking for your employees – simple and effective.

Documents library

Secure storage for your labor-law documents with access control and strong encryption of files.

Corporate assets

Evidence of property held by employees. Asset transfer and management process.

The entire employee agenda in a single suite

Sloneek is a new version of popular iDovolenka application, which is used by dozens of medium-sized companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We have developed it so that it is simple and beautiful, while keeping flexible settings. A secure and reliable solution for your human resources management.

Docházka, evidence zaměstnanců

Why consider using Sloneek?

The Sloneek suite is designed in a way that you do not have to hold long training for your employees or pay for any initial analysis. You set yourself up in a simple, beautiful, and responsive environment. And if you ever get lost, we are more than happy to give you a helping hand.

English, Czech and Slovak UI

The suite is primarily tailored to the Czech and Slovak companies needs. However, you can select English language, that is already available. We are ready to add a new language of your choice in a matter of weeks.

Compliant with GDPR

Application architecture and our internal processes meet the European requirements for data protection – GDPR. Your user data is safe with us.

Mobile apps

Beautiful mobile applications for both iOS and Android are a perfect complement to your employees, making their corporate related agenda constantly available in their pockets. Applications are of course free to download and use.

Hosted in a safe cloud

We use top hosting with the datacenter in Berlin, Germany. The server is constantly monitored, backed up, and protected by a firewall. Each server failure is immediately reported to both the customer and our support team.

Simple, beautiful UI

Simple and intuitive user interface is crucial to us. Each section therefore has its own help and even tutorial videos (in Czech language, English coming soon). You do not have to train your employees in using Sloneek.

Responsive design

The app will work great regardless of the size of your monitor or tablet. Responsive design based on Material Design Bootstrap (Google technology) guarantees high usability on all types of modern devices.

Responsive customer care

Customer care is here for you every working day from 9am to 4pm. We handle most of the requests online via a chat window that is directly in the app. Feature requests are handled to our product team.

Pay only for active users

We have stopped offering “plan packages”. You can subscribe to a plan for the exact number of users you need. In case of any increase of user count, you may be invoiced quarterly. You do not pay for created but inactive users.

Transparent agile roadmap

We publish our developer roadmap to illustrate where we are and where are we heading. The vast majority of new features will be part of the basic price.

Complementary mobile applications

Sloneek mobile apps simplify the process of applying for holiday and other events. Employees always have their holidays literally in their pocket. What’s more, employees can conveniently register their attendance through mobile apps as well.

Stažení Sloneek Passport aplikace z Google Play

Sloneek mobile app

Overview of my balances and events

Every employee can immediately see how much holidays and other events has he taken. The application will also show all events that they have approved or are still waiting for approval.

Corporate attendance that your employees will love

We’ve created corporate attendance that will not end up harassing your employees. They can easily register their entry to the workplace by clicking on a single button in a beautiful mobile app. According to the location address, the Sloneek searches for the GPS coordinates of the employee and places them in the correct company office.

Request for leave and manager approvals

Employees are encouraged to apply for a holiday directly from Sloneek mobile app. In addition, managers can now approve the holidays and events of their subordinates with a single click in the same application.

Monthly license fee, no extra costs

We have a very simple pricing policy. Customers pay for an active user per month.
We are happy to support nonprofit organisations by offering Sloneek for free.

EUR 1.20
per user per month
  • Employee records
  • Vacation approvals
  • Flexible vacation types
  • Meal vouchers
EUR 2.40
per user per month
  • Employee records
  • Vacation approvals
  • Flexible vacation types
  • Meal vouchers


  • Attendance Management
  • Corporate assets
  • Document Library
  • And upcoming modules
(if you really help)
We offer free Sloneek account
to non profit organisations,
that really aim to help our

And we don’t expect any reciprocity.

Start a 14-day Sloneek trial for free. During your trial period, we will contact you for a free consultation and guidance with setting up your Sloneek suite so that you can start using it quickly and effortlessly.

Sloneek is deployed in medium sized and big companies alike