Register and management of assets

Each tool has its own register card, which you can extend with your own field types. Conveniently import all the work aids you have in your company into Sloneek. Each tool has its own registration card, which you can extend with your own field types and photo documentation.

  • Detailed information about each tool
  • Photo documentation of the aid
  • Dedicated role of the Assets Manager
  • Manage all assets by administrator
  • Custom definable fields
  • Import and export to Excel

Transfer workflow

Each handover of a tool, whether after purchase and initial allocation, or during removal from one user and handover to another, is confirmed by an eIDAS ready digital signature. The handover report is legally binding and the possession of the aid is unquestionable.

  • Clear dashboard of the assets
  • Signature on receipt of eIDAS-compliant aids
  • Cryptographic imprint of the receipt
  • Automatic notifications to email and mobile

Overview of status and location

You get a complete overview - for example, who has which gadget under management, which locations have retired computers, and when the software license expires. Each user has an overview of their assigned assets, managers can see the gadgets of their team members.

  • Filterable list of gadgets
  • A user's view of their utilities
  • Team manager's view of team's gadgets
  • Categorization, user-definable custom fields

Immutable audit log

To eliminate any doubt about how, when, and by whom a widget was registered in the application, each widget has its own immutable audit log. It contains completely all actions that have been performed with the tool.

  • Every action performed is recorded
  • The audit log cannot be changed or deleted
  • Quick filtering by many parameters
  • Access to the audit log is available to Tool Administrators and Administrators


Administrator only
  • Assign the role of Utility Administrator to selected users
  • Hide the module from selected users
Administrators and Asset Administrators
  • Create, edit and manage widgets
  • Exporting and Importing tools to/from Excel
  • Create and manage custom widget fields
  • Assigning a widget to a user
  • Previewing all aids and their acceptance status
  • Reminder to the user about the acceptance of a tool
  • Preview of audit logs of all assets
  • Preview of assigned aids
  • Acceptance/rejection of acceptance of the aid – from email notification, dashboard and the Aids section