Evaluation of my team’s skills / competences

    As a team leader, you evaluate your subordinates individually.

    Select Colleagues from the left menu in the Company section.

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    Among your colleagues, choose who you want to evaluate. In the near future, we will work on switching the My Team view directly in the bar. However, you already have the option to edit and save your filter in the Colleague table Settings


    After clicking on a specific colleague, open the Skills / Competences tab. Create a new assessment and get to work.

    Don’t forget to add a summary for the HR department and suggest where and why you want to target further development

    Once the assessment is closed, you will see a comparison of the ratings of a specific Skill Set / Competency Model across the entire company.


    Each competency allows you to click show noteto open the Evaluator’s note. The record of this note can then be transferred to the assessment report.

    show note skill

    note at skill

    A few tips for evaluation

    The assessment of skills/competences must be taken as a basis for further development. Not a penalty! 


    💡 Try to keep an open, supportive and constructive atmosphere in the 1:1 evaluation interview.

    💡 Both parties should keep in mind that evaluation results are meant to help HR to better and more accurately implement training and development activities. Then you won’t go to training sessions, for example, where you will take away only part of the information applicable in practice. The goal is to bring as much new knowledge as possible into practice after completing a development activity.

    💡 The aim of the evaluation is not to point out shortcomings and mistakes at any cost. The aim is to find out where development assistance should be targeted.So that you can do the work more effectively and meet the goals you have within the team.