First login to Sloneek

    How to get into the app? What to do at the beginning?

    The first time you hear about setting up the account is through an email notification. Click on Set Password and then you’ll be able to look into the app for the first time.

    ATTENTION: some Outlook users may find that the button is not active (this is not Sloneek’s fault, but a hidden Microsoft treasure). In this case, use the links located in the section below the button. 

    If you use Microsoft or Google business accounts, you will receive a notification (see above) when your account is activated, along with information on how to log in using the Google or Microsoft buttons.


    If this is not possible, contact your company’s IT administrator.

    Few tips

    bulb Download the mobile app, so you’ll always have all the essentials at your fingertips.

    bulb Connect Sloneek to your Google or Outlook calendar.


    Frequently asked questions

    I can’t log in – the account is not active

    Forgotten password