How to make the most of onboarding

    The organisation of the arrival of a new colleague is extremely important. This is where the decision on whether or not to stay with the company is often made.

    The first impression you make when you meet a new colleague is often the most decisive one. It can make the difference between just talking about an approach to successful onboarding and onboarding or actually living it.

    Because it’s administrative and repetitive work, you can make it much easier by automating it in Sloneek. 

    Together with the Newcomer Information Pack, the easiest way to do this is to carefully prepare task templates that you can then easily run and just check the completion of each task. Then you don’t have to think about anything. Neither you nor your colleagues, who always play a role in onboarding newcomers.

    By using onboarding checklists, you gain a lot of time that you can spend on contact work with newcomers. This significantly increases the speed of adaptation and reduces the likelihood of leaving during the probationary period!

    From pre-onboarding to offboarding

    Michaela Sekaninová and Milan Rataj have prepared the whole topic in a clear ebook. As they themselves say in the introduction, they have put in it the best that has worked for them in practice. Míša is the founder of the FAE (First Aid for Employees) project or the HRoviny podcast. Milan is an HR strategist and co-founder of the HR system Sloneek.

    What will you learn in the e-book?

    👉 We will explain why and how to do pre-boarding and recommend the best activities.

    👉 In addition to the checklist, we’ll give you extra 5 steps that lead to onboarding heaven.

    👉 We’ll explain what a “30/60/90” adaptation plan is and give you tips on how to make one.

    👉 We look at the cost of an employee who doesn’t “click” after a few months.

    👉 We’ll give you 3 good reasons not to forget about offboarding.

    👉 At the end of the e-book you will find checklists – and with these, you won’t get lost.

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