How to use activities time tracking?

    You can use the module to record various activities in 3 different ways:


    digit-one_31-fe0f-png-3 Plan AHEAD

    Plan the events you plan to do.

    • schedule shifts (to someone)
    • reporting the fact that I want to work (me)
    • team agrees and announces who will be on duty, on-call, etc.

    digit-two_32-fe0f-png-3 Report BACK

    Revise scheduled time according to actual time worked on a specific activity

    • record time worked in slow mode (no minute accuracy is assumed either)
    • attendance records
    • comparison of time worked with absences or time pool

    digit-three_33-fe0f-png-2 Measure accurately and up-to-date (RIGHT NOW) using time tracking

    Measure time spent working at the exact moment the work is in progress

    • the freelancer logs the time to be invoiced to his/her main customer
    • an internal employee or even a freelancer (lawyer, accountant, creative) logs the time he or his company will invoice the client

    You can use activities to keep track of homeoffice work (detailed in the article here) and record time spent on business trips (detailed in the article here).

    Just beware that timetracking cannot be enabled by default for Homeoffice and Service Path activities. This mode is deliberately disabled to allow timetracking of other activities on Homeoffice.