Release log 3.10 (1/23/2023)

    Creation and evaluation of targets based on OKR and KPI methodologies, improvements to the Documents and a number of useful adjustments. We bring you a regular overview of new developments.👇

    1) Group and individual goals – performance management

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    The latest addition to the Evaluation section. Create and evaluate group and individual goals. Attach their assessment to evaluation questionnaires and skill/competency assessments.

    For a detailed look at the module and setup, see the article here.

    If you want to try out the module, get in touch with our happiness team via the app’s
    famous Support_bubble chat. 

    2) Users can edit their own photo

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    In addition to editing personal information, users can now upload, change or delete their photo in the app. This change is not subject to administrator approval.

    3) Expiration of documents

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    We have added an optional field to all document types (contracts, private and company/team-wide) to indicate whether the document has an expiration date. If you check the box and set the date when you insert a new document, the following users will subsequently be notified of this fact at the time the document expires:

    • owner
    • admins
    • document manager
    • the user to whom the document relates

    Snímek obrazovky 2023-01-19 v 20.39.30-1At the same time, on the expiration date, the document will be highlighted in the overview of all documents so that everything is clear at a glance.

    You can also add and set an expiration date for existing documents.


    4) Bulk assignment of clients to a user


    When working for a large number of clients, you will undoubtedly appreciate the changes made to the process of pairing them to users. Now you just need to click on a specific user, move to the Activity overview tab and select the clients the user works for from the list.

    Snímek obrazovky 2023-01-19 v 14.54.38

    4) Other important improvements


    Default filtering of active users in a grid


    Only active users will now be displayed in the User List by default. If you want to view inactive users without access to the system, you can use the filter.

    New column for managers in the User List


    We’ve also added a new column to the User List where you’ll find information for each user about who their direct supervisor is. 


    5) Minor bug fixes

    We have also fixed a number of reported bugs in the display and behaviour of the app.