Release log 3.12 (2/28/2023)

    The long-awaited solution for holdings is here. Furthermore, we introduce a new Projects and Clients Manager role and improvements to the Evaluation. 👇

    1) Application setup for holdings

    Kreslicí plátno 2_1 all users

    In situations where you manage users across different countries or have multiple subsidiaries in different countries, you now have the efficient option to record everything under one account.

    What do you get?👇

    • keeping track of users with different calendars (public holidays) under one account
    • absence reporting respecting public holidays in different countries
    • the possibility for users to see the distinction of public holidays for other colleagues from other countries

    Example: There are employees from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany in one team. In the calendar, users can look at their colleagues’ calendars and thus, see the public holidays in a given month for each country. Based on this, e.g. managers can easily work with the absences. 

    How do I assign a user to their country of operation?

    In each User folder you will find new rows Country of operation and Region in the country of operation. Once you assign a user to a country of operation, the system will automatically recognize their public holidays and calculate the work fund and absences based on that.

    To view settings and multi-national teams usage, read the article here.

    2) New role of Project and Client Manager


    We have now created the ability to assign a new role to any user to manage and set up projects and clients in Activities. 

    You can assign the new role as Administrators in the User Folder, under the Work Details tab / Special User Rights.

    3) Adjusting synchronization with Google Workspace


    Similar to MS Active Directory, we have added synchronization settings to select the tenant from which users should be synchronized.

    4) Absences on the Dashboard

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    Both widgets displaying absence information now reflect the setting of absences as Visible to All (Settings / Application settings). If this option is not enabled in the settings, ONLY events within the team the user is assigned to are displayed.

    5) Evaluation module improvements

    digit-one_31-fe0f-png-2   Modified notifications for Performance 

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    All notifications related to performance are now `clickable` and will transfer you directly to the specific goal that was created.


    digit-two_32-fe0f-png  New Note field to the Skills /  Competence section

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    We have added the ability to enter a note visible to the User who is the subject of the Skills  / Competence evaluation, as well as to the Team Manager and Administrators.


    digit-three_33-fe0f-png-1  Extension of the number of characters for the description of the Skill / Competence rating scale

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    For more detailed and extended descriptions of the rating scales we have set the number of characters to “unlimited”. 🙂

    6) Minor bug fixes

    We have also fixed a number of bugs in the display and behaviour of the app that you have reported to us.