Transfers of year-end balances

    What`s happening with your absence balances when entering a New year.

    At the end of the year, here’s what happens to each individual user’s absenteeism setup items:

    • Individual Fund – will remain the same. This is logical, moving to a new year does not affect the fact that a user has a different entitlement than defined in the codebook.

    • Fund for this year – in the new year will be entered here as zero. It was a fund for the given year only.

    • Exhausted – in the new year, zero is entered here. We’re starting from zero to load absences.

    • Transferred from last year – If this is a fund event and the unspent balances are set to carry over to the new year, the number of units the user did not use last year will be entered here.

    You can set up balances and entitlements clearly and in bulk on the Bulk Setup tab in Company settings / Bulk settings of absences